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What Foods Can You Eat If Your Gallbladder Is Acting Up

Gallbladder symptoms can be avoided if following a healthy diet. Even the risk of getting gallstones can be lowered by following a healthy eating plan. In this article, we can get to know the foods you can eat if your gall bladder is acting up.

What Foods Can You Eat If Your Gallbladder Is Acting Up

What Foods Can You Eat If Your Gallbladder Is Acting Up?

Gallbladder plays a role in digesting food, which is why the diet plays a very important role in maintaining the gallbladder health. It stores the bile produced by the liver and releases it into the small intestine for the breakdown of fats. Excessive cholesterol or bilirubin in the bile leads to the formation of gallstones. Gallstones can block the bile ducts from where the bile reaches the intestine. A stressed gallbladder can bring up symptoms like pain, vomiting, nausea, and bloating. Any complication due to gallstones leads to the removal of the gallbladder.

It is therefore best to take care of the gallbladder in order to avoid any complication and paying attention to the diet is an important step. It is important to take a diet which is easier to digest and put less pressure on the gallbladder.

Here are some of the best foods you can eat if your gall bladder is acting up.

  • Have a Balanced Diet – The most important aspect of staying healthy and avoiding any problem in the body is a well-balanced diet. If suffering from gallbladder disease more importance should be given to fresh fruits and vegetables. These give a wide variety of nutrients to the body and keep it healthy. Foods that are a part of balanced diet are the best to have if your gallbladder is acting up.
  • Lean Protein – A high-fat diet can add stress to the gallbladder. Therefore if you are into eating more meat than make sure to cut off the fat streaks from it and consume the lean proteins. White meat, fish, and vegetable proteins are the other options for the lean protein which might help relieve the stress on the gallbladder. These are some of the foods you can eat if your gall bladder is acting up
  • Fiber – A diet rich in fiber keeps the digestive system healthy and such foods are good to have if your gall bladder is acting up. It keeps us full for a longer period of time, feeds the healthy bacteria and adds bulk to the stool. It also helps in removal of toxins from the body.
  • Healthy Fats – Healthy fats such as polyunsaturated fats, omega-3, help in keeping the gallbladder healthy and reduce the risk of gallbladder emergencies. These are mostly seen in nuts, almonds, flaxseeds, cold water fish, or fish oils. Include these foods in your diet if your gall bladder is acting up.
  • Vitamin C – A diet rich in vitamin C lowers the risk of gallbladder problems. It helps in breaking down the cholesterol in the bile which is associated with the risk of gallstones. Vitamin C can be easily obtained from the diet comprising of fruits and vegetables. Various vitamin C supplements are available in the market but should be avoided as they do not show the same effect. Citrus fruits are the best foods to have if your gall bladder is acting up.
  • Calcium Rich Food – Foods rich in calcium also supports a healthy gallbladder so you can eat them if your gall bladder is acting up. Calcium can be obtained from green leafy vegetables including kale, sardines, and broccoli. Dairy products are rich in calcium but are really high in fat content. Alternatives to these products are the alternative plant milk fortified with calcium, such as almond or flax milk. These are rich in healthy fats and calcium, and low in saturated fat content.

Diet After Gallbladder Surgery

After the gallbladder surgery, the patient is put on a liquid diet for a day or two, after which gradually normal food is given. The food given is easy to digest as the body needs to adjust the digestion after the removal of the gallbladder. The liver produces enough bile for the normal digestion but it is not stored as the gallbladder is removed. Hence, the bile continuously passes into the digestive tract, which can often result in diarrhea. As most of the people suffer from diarrhea if they consume fatty or greasy food, a low-fat diet is recommended after the gall bladder surgery.

What is Gallbladder Cleanse?

Gallbladder cleanse or gallbladder flush is an alternative treatment to flush out the gallstones and improve the digestive health and function. It involves a strict diet including a planned way of drinking just apple juices, Epsom salts and a mixture of olive oil and citrus juice for two days. It aims at breaking up the gallstones and flushing it out from the body. While this is a known alternative treatment if the gallbladder is acting up, it is best to seek medical opinion.

Other Lifestyle Tips For A Healthy Gallbladder

Few other steps can be taken to improve the gallbladder health and prevent any flare up of gall bladder symptoms.

  • Control obesity and avoid a rapid weight loss
  • Quit smoking
  • Stick to a vegetarian diet

Keep the foods you can eat if your gallbladder is acting up, at hand, so that you do not choose inappropriate foods. Above all, drink plenty of These measures are helpful and planning a diet can help you stay on track.


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