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IBS & Diarrhea: What Causes IBS Along With Diarrhea & How is it Treated?

IBS & Diarrhea:

IBS i.e. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is disorder where patients find it difficult to control their bowel movements. Further, irritable bowel syndrome that leads to diarrhea is known as IBS-D. Patient suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Diarrhea often experience abdominal pain and frequent bowel movement. Though not every time but patient may have loose stool and urge to go to the washroom also increases. Till date no cure has been found for treating irritable bowel syndrome completely but there are treatments that can help in controlling the situation and prevent it from getting worst.

IBS & Diarrhea

What Causes IBS Along with Diarrhea?

The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS along with diarrhea is not known but it is believed that females are more prone to this problem than men. Also, adults who are below fifty years of age are likely to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. People who have a family history of irritable bowel syndrome are at a higher risk of suffering from IBS-Diarrhea. This problem makes colon of an individual weak and more sensitive than normal colon. Because of this sensitivity it adversely reacts to things like food items, bacteria and at times stress too.

This is not the end; brain of the irritable bowel syndrome patient also plays a significant role in identifying and responding to the symptoms that controls the functioning of colon.

Symptoms of IBS Along With Diarrhea

Some of the common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS with diarrhea are:

  • Chronic pain in stomach
  • Discomfort in abdominal region
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea (loose or watery stool)
  • Mucus in stool
  • Uncontrollable bowel movements.

Diagnosis of IBS Along with Diarrhea

There are no tests for diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome or IBS along with diarrhea, instead; medical practitioners examine the condition of patient by analyzing patient medical history and symptoms. It is believed that if an individual is experiencing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms for more than three months than it indicates that the person is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS-D.

If patient experience other symptoms like bleeding from rectal area, sudden weight loss and family history of gastrointestinal cancer, then doctors may recommend certain tests to confirm about the actual problem. Tests prescribed by doctors include colonoscopy to detect symptoms of cancer and blood tests to celiac disease.

Treatment for IBS Along with Diarrhea

Patients of IBS along with diarrhea need to make a lot of effort to treat their irritable bowel syndrome, they are required to try combination of different treatment methods to control the severity of the problem. Doctors also keep on changing the treatment pattern from time to time. The lists of treatment may include:

  1. Healthy and proper diet can help in treating the symptoms of IBS along with diarrhea. Some of the people have a misconception that intake of food and beverages can cause irritable bowel syndrome but this not true. The fact is that intake of certain food items may trigger irritable bowel syndrome or can make the condition even worse. Alcohol, fried food items, chocolates, aerated drinks, milk problem and more makes irritable bowel syndrome or IBS along with diarrhea worse. On the contrary, fiber rich food items can help irritable bowel syndrome patients to improve their condition but for patient with IBS-D intake of too much fiber can have adverse effect on the condition. Also, as diarrhea leads to water loss from the body so patient should drink minimum 6-8 glasses of water or fluid every day for keeping their body hydrated.
  2. Stress relief is crucial in treating IBS along with diarrhea. There is a very complicated relation between stress and irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea. Although, stress and anxiety does not lead to IBS but it can make the condition of diarrhea severe. Hence, it is very important the one should try different techniques to manage their mood. Exercises can also help in releasing stress and also facilitates smooth bowel movement. Other than this, yoga, meditation and message can also be of great help.
  3. Medication can help in treating IBS along with diarrhea. If the problem of irritable bowel syndrome along with diarrhea becomes severe then take anti diarrhea medicine like Imodium as prescribed by doctors. Severe diarrhea causes dehydration of body which can be fatal. Probiotic supplements also help in getting relief from painful irritable bowel syndrome or IBS symptoms. For patients suffering from stomach cramps use of peppermint oil supplement is very effective. It helps in healing the pain naturally.

Colon Removal Surgery for Treating IBS along with Diarrhea

Patient who reaches the extreme stage of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS along with diarrhea, in them the only treatment method suggested by patient is colon removal operation. Here a part of colon is removed from patient’s body. This is the last step which is suggested by any doctor when they fail to improve the condition of irritable bowel syndrome through medication.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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