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What Does Nicotine Dependence Cause & Life Expectancy Of Someone With Nicotine Dependence?

What Does Nicotine Dependence Cause & Life Expectancy Of Someone With Nicotine Dependence? Nicotine is a type of addictive substance, which is taken in from the lungs through smoking of various tobacco products. The urge related to continuing with the smoking of tobacco products and documented difficulties to quit the habit mainly comes from the dependence of nicotine.(1)

What Does Nicotine Dependence Cause?

What Does Nicotine Dependence Cause?

The problems related to nicotine dependence depend mainly on individuals. A few people become completely dependent on nicotine products in a rapid way. Common examples in this case are-

  • Minimum one severe and unsuccessful attempt to stop smoking tobacco products
  • Various withdrawal symptoms, like moodiness, cravings and irritability, depressed mood, poor concentration and an increase in appetite, along with sleeping disorder or insomnia, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Continuing with smoking habits even though a person suffers from illnesses associated with smoking activities, like heart or lung condition
  • Quitting certain activities related to smoking, like for instance avoid visiting any restaurant where smoking is not allowed.(1)

The addiction towards nicotine mainly occurs because of the addictive quality present in nicotine. Nicotine or tobacco products thus increase the release of various neurotransmitters to regular the mood and behavior of individuals. Nicotine mainly triggers the dopamine release i.e. a neurotransmitter, which gives a pleasant feeling to its users. Because of this, if you are a nicotine smoker, you would likely have a craving towards the rush of dopamine. According to doctors, whenever you inhale nicotine via cigarette/tobacco smoking, it affects your brain even within only a few seconds. In addition, your heart rate boosts both the dopamine and noradrenaline hormones’ levels, while increases your concentration and mood. After this, if any person cannot able to smoke for about four to five hours, his/her dopamine and noradrenaline hormones’ levels drop significantly. Because of this, the person develops feelings of anxiety as well as irritability, while leaves him/her to get an additional nicotine boost. Moreover, because of nicotine dependence, people develop the urge to smoke cigarettes at certain times in a day. These may be at any time, like while having coffee in the morning or after having lunch/dinner. In addition, a few people develop the urge to smoke in certain places, like toilets, pubs, and bars. Dependence experts should make sure to identify the addiction towards nicotine and deal with specific behaviors, cues, triggers and certain situations related to smoking.(2)

Life Expectancy Of Someone With Nicotine Dependence

If we have a look at the collected data during the later years of the 1990s, we have found that most of the adult females with nicotine dependence have lost their 14 and half years of life, while males lost 13.2 years of life just because of their smoking habits. Other than lungs related diseases, smoking habits may steal the quality of your life before your death. Other than this, if you get any illness because of smoking, it puts a limit on your daily activities by creating breathing difficulties and preventing you to do your regular tasks. Another research report related to nicotine dependence or smoking habits has revealed that tobacco smoking reduces the lifespan of a person. Even the experts have given a term to this problem i.e. years of the potential loss of life attributable to nicotine dependence or smoking tobacco products. even though we do not have any way to predict the exact number completely, experts have found a relationship between the exact numbers of years people smoke, the numbers of cigarettes smoked by a person in one day and approximate numbers of years, up to which you have the habit of smoking tobacco in your life. For instance, if you smoke 1 single pack in a day continuously for 10 years, your lifespan will reduce by about 4 to 5 years.(3)


To conclude, we should say that there is no specific data related to the life expectancy of people involved in smoking tobacco products. However, in general, we should say that nicotine dependence reduces one’s lifespan by 4 to 5 years.

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