Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Effectiveness, Who Must Avoid, Side Effects, Tips To Quit Smoking Naturally!

One of the worst habits which can kill your life is the addiction to Nicotine. “If Smoking has anything doing with relaxation in life; then it would be a relaxation forever!” People get used to nicotine with stressed conditions thinking it could get some good relief from the stress. All in their belief, they forget if there could be any good relief with mere smoking without causing any ill effect to health and life; then perhaps those five millions of death caused by tobacco smoke could have not been mentioned in the statistics of leading causes of death & illness in the entire world. It simply means;” Tobacco is injurious to life”, something which we see in every packet of a Cigarette.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

There are many people struggling hard quitting smoking. Many of them try all their best to break the chain of being trapped in the habit of chain smoking. And there are many who are not actually trying to go for the change. In both the cases; what matters most is, “your fight for own life!” Now, nothing can be done for those who love a piece of cigarette more than the blessed life and do not want to go for quitting smoking, unless their minds and their perception about their life are changed. But for those who have made their entire mind to start the fight against Smoking; here below is the exclusive array of this article explaining about the “Nicotine Replacement Therapy” and steps to be followed so as to quit smoking. So, here we go with the topic, “Nicotine-Replacement Therapy- Break The Chain; Quit Smoking!”

Understand The Therapy: Nicotine-Replacement Therapy Explained!

One of the most effective way of breaking the addiction of smoking; is popular with the name of “Nicotine-Replacement Therapy”. Nicotine gums, nicotine patches, etc. are used as replacements for nicotine present in the cigarettes. These kinds of substances are used in the widely accepted Nicotine Replacement Therapy and most of the Rehabs centers make use of these nicotine substitutes for helping people quit smoking at an ease without much problems or side effects.

Certain chemical levels in the brain increases with excessive smoking of nicotine present in the cigarette. Chemicals like Dopamine, Norepinephrine etc are the chemicals which get increased in the brains with excessive smoking. And when people goes for quitting smoking; the level of these brain chemicals decreases all of a sudden to the lowest. This in turn gives rise to certain side effects in the people including excessive hunger and grouchiness. In order to prevent these symptoms while quitting to smoke; the smoking cessation make use of the nicotine substitutes as the medicines for breaking the chain of smoking by increasing the chemical levels in the brains just like the nicotine from cigarette does, but in a maintained level. This leads to a reduced level of symptoms or the side effects like hunger; while the try for quitting the smoking. This process is what termed Nicotine Replacement therapy. Gradually chain smokers, who are on their mission to quit smoking can stop depending on these medicines and start living a Nicotine-free life. One can surely save himself from the dangers of Cancers of lungs, heart strokes, or any of the respiratory issues by adopting such a therapy.

Effectiveness of the Nicotine Replacement Therapy:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy has been pretty more effective when compared to the normal way of quitting to smoke. It has been found that the effectiveness to quit smoking increases by double with this kind of therapy and the nicotine substitutes. When properly used, this therapy is absolutely safe and has more of the positive results. It has been found that when Nicotine-Replacement Therapy has been combined with another form of quitting smoke, i.e. Intensive behavioral counseling; the success rate gets increased to more than 40%. A complete smoking cessation when added in the Nicotine replacement Therapy, the chances of quitting smoke becomes higher. All it need is to set a proper quit date, consult a good counselor, visit the doctor, take safety precaution, go with the proper plan for dealing with smoking triggers and then adopt the Nicotine replacement therapy for better results.

Who Must Not Take The Nicotine-Replacement Therapy?

“Not everything is meant for everyone!” There are some restrictions in case of undergoing the Nicotine Replacement therapy. The heart patients and pregnant women must not go for such a kind of therapy.

  • In case you are a heart patient, suffering from some special kind of heart disease like arrhythmia, angina or recently have met with a heart attack; be sure you are not going for this kind of Nicotine replacement therapy. Do consult your doctor for more details on this, as there are also some heart patients who have taken this therapy and come out safe.
  • Pregnant women must also be restricted from taking such a treatment. It has some noted side effects with pregnancy; like there are chances of a lower weight child birth. It is also true that smoking is even more dangerous for you as well as your baby. But in case you are a smoker and planning for pregnancy, try for some other natural tips that can help you quit smoking or consult your doctor for better options.
  • Usually people below 18 years are also not preferred ideal for Nicotine replacement therapy.

Noted Side Effects of Nicotine Replacement Therapy:

There are some noted side effects of Nicotine replacement therapy which must be considered discussing here. So check out what are some side effects with this therapy.

  • The nicotine gums which are used as the replacement, gets a tingling feeling in tongue while chewing.
  • Upset stomach and heartburn are some common side effects of these gums.
  • Hiccups are common with nicotine gums.
  • The nicotine patches do have side effects when used 24 hours a day. They cause sleep problems or difficulty in sleeping.
  • Skin rash is seen near the area where the nicotine patch is placed.
  • There are some other side effects of certain other nicotine substitutes which include headache, excessive gas etc.

Special Tips To Quit Smoking Naturally:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Tips To Quit Smoking Naturally

“There is always a natural way to get rid of abnormalities. And addiction is always an abnormality.” Look for some of the special tips that can help you quit smoking naturally.

  • First thing is to identify, what is the thing or what is the problem in you or in your life , or what habits are compelling you towards taking nicotine or tobacco. There are certain triggers that make you addicted towards smoking. One must find out these triggers and go for a solution on the same. Some people smoke with stress and tension; some have a habit of smoking while drinking alcohol. And to be frank there are also people who smoke out of a misconception that smoking raises their personality. Try to come out of these triggers and find your natural treatment for quitting smoking.
  • “Changing for good is always a worth change.” A change in lifestyle that could help you quit smoking must be absolutely encouraged. In order to distract your mind from taking a cigarette, go for regular small meals, and keep your mouth engaged with other good things like fruits or some dark chocolates. Chewing gums also help sometimes. Exercising and walks will help good in reducing the cigarette carving.
  • Try to visit public places more often in leisure time where smoking is prohibited. This will act as a nice tip.
  • Acupuncture is also a natural treatment for break down the addiction.

An Inspiring Note For All Those Who Want To Quit Smoking:

For those who are trying their best to quit smoking, must always remember; “It is not about how fast you run in the race; it is about if you had taken the first step in your walk.” It is good you have believed that you are very much able to break the chain. Now be with the belief, nothing is going to stop from throwing that deadly addiction of nicotine and tobacco out of your life. And for all those who are not giving a try now and surviving with excuses saying, “Someday I will quit”; here is what you need to keep in mind. “There are seven days a week. And Someday is not one of them.”

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