How Long Does a Reaction to Peanuts Last?

Peanut allergy is one of the most common types of food allergy that many people suffer from. Different people have different levels of sensitivity towards peanuts. The reason behind the allergic reaction to peanuts is, the body considers the cause of allergy as a foreign invader and tries to prevent it. For that the antibodies in the body, known as immunoglobulin, tries to produce chemicals like histamine, which actually irritate the body and causes the allergic reactions or symptoms. These reactions to peanuts can include cardiovascular symptoms, respiratory symptoms as well as gastrointestinal symptoms.

How Long Does a Reaction to Peanuts Last?

How Long does a Reaction to Peanuts Last?

Some people suffer from immediate and intense reaction to peanuts, which subside quite fast. On the other hand, some people suffer from mild reactions or long-lasting reactions to peanuts.

People, who are severely allergic to peanuts, get anaphylaxis or symptoms that affect several body systems. With anaphylaxis, the blood pressure falls down rapidly, the airways swell and it becomes difficult to breathe and you will feel wheezing. However, in these situations, the only immediate treatment is injecting epinephrine syringe in the legs. Usually, within a few minutes the severe symptoms will start to go away and gradually disappear. To make sure that the condition does not worsen and the symptoms have subsided, you need to visit the doctor.

For those, who get less severe symptoms such as breaking out in hives, watery eyes, nausea and vomiting feeling or sneezing, the symptoms or peanut allergy usually lasts for less than a day. To make sure that the reaction to peanuts goes away faster, you can take anti-histamine. In case the reactions to peanuts and the symptoms of peanut allergy last more than a day or worsen rather than improving, then you should see a doctor.

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