How to Remove Scars With Homeopathic Creams? Homeopathic Creams for Scar Removal

Scars are commonly seen in many people. From wound scars to burn scars, there are a variety of scars which may not be always life threatening, but make you look unattractive and dull. There are homeopathic creams to remove scars from skin that you may use to prevent scarring from wounds or burns. These creams are also helpful in removing the scars caused after acne breakouts.

How to Remove Scars with Homeopathic Creams?

How to Remove Scars with Homeopathic Creams?

Scars usually occur after the skin heals from a wound and are mostly ignored as they are not life threatening. The market is flooded with a variety of scar removing creams and ointments that claim to treat the scars until they shrink and disappear. Besides conventional medical treatments and creams for scars, there are also effective homeopathic remedies for scar removal, however, there are no scientific evidence to prove the efficiency of homeopathic creams for scar removal. Removing scars with homeopathic creams is an effective way to deal with scars.

The primary focus of the homeopathic remedies is to support the body to heal itself by stimulating the immune and natural response of the person to a stimulus. However, before applying any homeopathic cream for removing scars from your skin you must consult your homeopathic doctor to know the prescribed remedy and its applications.

Homeopathic Creams for Scar Removal

You can easily remove scars with these popularly known homeopathic creams. To remove scars with homeopathic creams, apply the cream directly on the scars in thin layer. In addition to this, you can also take specific homeopathic remedies from a homeopathic consultant, depending on your health condition.

  • Calendula – It is a popular and widely used homeopathic cream for removing scars. It is a natural remedy that is also available in the form of ointment. This homeopathic cream is mainly useful for scars caused due to small cuts or wounds. It promotes healing of wounds and when applied right from the beginning, can also prevent ugly looking scars. It can also be used in concentrated form as mother tincture or oil or can be taken internally as medicine to help prevent and diminish the scar marks from skin.
  • Causticum – This is also a popular homeopathic remedy for scars caused by burns. You can apply the liquid medicine of causticum to heal the scars and remove it effectively. It is also available in the form of medicine and can be taken internally, as advised. This homeopathic remedy is more effective in removing scars caused due to burns and scalds.
  • Graphites – You can remove scars caused by eczema and acne with this homeopathic cream. This remedy can heal the skin and restore it into its original state. It is available in ointment or cream form that you can use directly on the scar. You can also use it by mixing it with calendula to heal wounds and skin diseases and remove the scars effectively.
  • Thiosinaminum – Thiosinaminum cream is an effective homeopathic remedy and the cream is formulated with a blend of lanolin ointment. It is known to dissolve the tissues of scars to offer you scar free skin. This remedy is one of the important remedies to remove scars with homeopathic creams. It can be used for a variety of scar marks including stretch marks, acne scars and burn scars. This remedy can improve and reduce the scarring from your skin effectively.
  • Thiosinaminum with glycerin – Another effective way to remove scars with homeopathic creams is a mixture of thiosinaminum and glycerin solution. You need to mix these two substances together and apply the solution directly on the scar marks. Since it is less greasy, it penetrates faster deep into the dermal layer of your skin and starts alleviating scarring from your skin. When used rapidly over time, you may observe that this solution has dissolved the scar tissues from your skin and restored the skin into its original state.
  • Silicea – Silicea is another homeopathic remedy that promotes healing and also helps to clear the skin. It is also another useful way to remove scars with homeopathic creams. The homeopathic silica is effective in dissolving and reducing the scar tissues. It can dissolve and lighten scars of any type including the scars that are caused due to acne breakouts or any skin diseases.
  • Silicea with glycerin – You need to take about 20 drops of silicea homeopathic liquid and mix it with bottle of glycerin and water to create a liquid solution and apply the solution over the scars, twice daily. This solution is very effective in removing all types of scars on your skin and offers you a glowing and radiant skin.

There are many online stores and homeopathic drug stores that sell readymade homeopathic creams and combinations. You may also get readymade thiosinaminum cream and glycerin solution which you can use directly on the scars for removing it permanently. If necessary, reapply the solution on scars twice or thrice in a day for faster and better results.

As you have now discovered how to remove scars with homeopathic creams, it is necessary for you to consult the homeopathic practitioner prior to using any of these remedies. If the scars does not improve or worsens, then stop using the creams and consult the homeopath to know the alternative remedies for the scars you are having on your skin. To remove scars with homeopathy, remedies like silicea, thiosinaminum, calendula and many others can be used with a homeopath’s advice.

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