Biochemic Remedies: Principle, Dosage, Twelve Tissue Remedies For Pain

Biochemic Remedies

You must be aware that our body needs essential vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. Each of these nutrients has an important role to play, to ensure smooth functioning of our body system. Similarly, in homeopathy, there are some essential minerals called bio-chemic remedies or twelve tissue remedies that are widely used for treating various medical conditions.

Biochemic Remedies

Dr. William Schussler, a biochemist from Germany, recognized and classified these twelve essential mineral salts. He went ahead to develop this concept and discovered the use of these mineral salts to treat medical ailments, which is now a full-fledged practice.

Principle of Biochemic Remedies

There are certain inorganic salts like magnesium, potassium, lime, iron, silica in our body. Dr. Schussler studied the effects of these inorganic salts on human body and proved that these are the essential minerals for our body. They form the basis of every tissue in our body. Any imbalance or shortage of any of these tissue salts can affect our health; eventually causing some kind of deficiency or illness.

When these tissue salts are made available, the imbalance or the shortage can be made up and the disease can be eliminated, thus restoring our health. Biochemic remedies aid the nature’s law of cure by supplying the natural remedies that certain tissues are deficient of. Simply put, by restoring the imbalance of tissue salts illnesses can be cured.


Biochemic remedies act on homeopathic principle where extremely small doses are given to cure the patient. The aim is to bring about a perfect balance of the tissue salts in our body. Biochemic remedies are administered in minimal doses that are just required to make up for the deficient tissues. Single mineral salts or their combinations with other mineral salts are given in small doses to treat various ailments.

About Biochemic Remedies

Biochemic remedies are the inorganic salts that your body needs. When these salts are deficient in your body or there is an imbalance of these salts, you tend to become more prone to illnesses. The tissue remedies aim at providing the body with the necessary minerals that your body is deficient of.

Biochemic Remedies: Twelve Tissue Remedies For Pain

Biochemic Remedies

Calcarea Fluor

This remedy has remarkable action in the area of bone and joints, spine, tendon and ligaments and teeth. It is useful in painful musculoskeletal conditions like arthritic pain and nodosities, hardened or painful tissues, bony growths, ligament and tendon weaknesses, spinal disc problems or degenerative disorders.

Calcarea Phos

This remedy has its action, mainly in growth and development, in children, in elderly and during recovery from illnesses. It is known to help in building new bone tissues, healing of fractures and closing of fontanelles. It helps in relieving pain and colic during teething in children.

Calcarea Sulph

This remedy is helpful in conditions of boils, abscesses and discharges.

Ferrum Phos

The remedy is used in early inflammatory conditions, throbbing pain, fevers, nosebleeds and anemia.

Kali Mur

This remedy is very useful in congested nose and ear affections; in sinusitis, ear infection with much pressure or pain and deficient hearing due to ear infection.

Kali Phos

This remedy is useful in chronic fatigue syndrome, mental exhaustion and nerve degeneration. It helps to relieve stress, excitement and nervous state; hence it is useful in nerve pains, back pain and sciatica.

Kali Sulph

This remedy is useful in sinusitis, asthmajoint pains and inflammation of soft tissues. It is also helpful in stomach pains due to indigestion and bloating.

Mag Phos

This is a very important remedy for nerve pain, spasms and cramps. It is useful in conditions like Writer’s cramp, Tennis elbow, trigeminal neuralgia, hiccups, nervous twitching, sharp shooting nerve pain. It acts wonders in menstrual or abdominal colic, spasmodic crampy pain in stomachgallstone and kidney colic.

Natrum Mur

This remedy has marked action in headache, migraines and painful conditions with swelling.

Natrum Phos

This remedy is more useful for maintaining acid balance, detoxification and as a remedy for worms especially in children.

Natrum Sulph

This remedy is useful in affections of liver and gall bladder. It is also helpful in head injuries, after effects of concussion and chronic pain with depression.


This remedy is useful in affections of bones and teeth. It is used in dental and skin abscesses, for removing foreign bodies likes splinters, glass from skin. It is helpful in weakness of back and curvature of spine.

These remedies are highly effective even when given in minute quantities. While these remedies do not have any ill-effects on your health, selecting the most appropriate remedy, or a combination, deciding the dosage and the duration of the treatment needs meticulous knowledge and planning. It is wise to consult a homeopathic physician, who will work out a suitable remedy after a thorough case taking.

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