Iridology or Iridiagnosis or Iridodiagnosis

What is Iridology?

Iridology or Iridiagnosis or Iridodiagnosis is a technique of alternative medicine which involves scientific analysis of patterns, structures, colors and other characteristics of the iris in the eye to determine the condition of a patient's health.

Eye iridology helps in finding out the stages and areas of inflammation present in the body. The iris is that region of the eye which has color. It shows body's constitution, its fundamental strengths and weaknesses, health levels and changes occurring in a person's body according to their lifestyle.

Iridologists consider the eyes as "windows" into the state of health of the body. The iris is very complex and comprises of hundreds of thousands of nerve endings. These nerve endings are connected by impulses to each tissue of the body via brainand nervous system. The response of these nerve fibers depends on the condition of the organ and tissue. There is a corresponding physiological reflex displayed in the iris as variations in the color and lesions.

Iridology Chart or Iris Charts

The observations made by the practitioners are compared to the iridology chart or iris charts. The iridology chart or iris charts is a product of numerous years of thorough research and clinical observation made by Dr. Bernard Jensen and others. These iridology charts segregate the iris into different zones or areas that correspond to specific regions of the human body. The iridology chart or iris charts denotes the basic location of the tissues and body organs, akin to a map. A precise iris analysis can be made by superimposing the chart over a projection of an iris image and a thorough observation of the data recorded in the charts can be made.

A comprehensive analysis of the iris reveals whether the individual has a good constitution or a poor one. This depends on the density or compactness of the iris fibers. Other things which help in revealing a person's health are the colors, patterns, structures and the extent of darkness and lightness in the iris. It also helps in revealing the relative areas of irritation, over-activity, degeneration of the tissues /organs or any type of injury. Nutritional and chemical imbalances, toxic accumulation levels are also some of the things which can be observed through the iridology technique.

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