Can Reiki Relieve Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain affects about 100 million Americans as per a report released by the Institute of Medicine. Just imagine what the worldwide numbers would be!

Reiki is increasingly used as a treatment for chronic pain in hospitals and private practices as more and more people are starting to realize that it has tremendous healing potential.

Can Reiki Relieve Chronic Pain?

It is believed that by just positioning their hands slightly above and around your body, a professional Reiki practitioner would bring relief to chronic pain and also make you feel more comfortable. Now what the whole concept of this easing of any physical pain is? Well! It is linked to bringing about a sense of centeredness and awareness in the patient. The Reiki practitioner acts as a medium in channeling the universal energy and transferring it in to the person suffering from chronic pain.

We know that when our body is under any stress, maybe it is a physical or a mental stress; we are then likely to be sufferers as the energy flow throughout the body becomes disrupted. Reiki treats both the physical as well as emotional aspects of chronic pain, and thus, encourages a rebalance of the chakras and a general wellness feeling.

Reiki will work best in easing chronic pain when used with other forms of treatments like physiotherapy, prescribed medications or acupuncture.

It must be noted that though Reiki won’t completely help in reducing or treating chronic pain, it will definitely put you in a more relaxed mindset to cope with the condition.

Reiki Meditation

Growing Evidence in Reiki and Chronic pain Research:

Some small studies have suggested that patients of chronic pain may use Reiki for getting relief from not only the physical aspects of chronic pain but also the anxiety caused due to the pain. As per an article by Anthony Schifano on the website of National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association; Reiki sessions have brought relief and helped patients feel more relaxed and balanced.


There has also been an increasing awareness in the Medical Community about the benefits of Reiki in treating or healing chronic pain and associated symptoms like anxiety, depression etc. Reiki succeeds as it works on a deeper level, influencing the flow of healing energy in and around the body that enhances a sense of balance leading to pain relief in patients of chronic pain.

It must be mentioned that highest level of pain relief can be achieved by combining Reiki with the medication, exercise and acupuncture.

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