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"An angel is not only a set of wing. But also a set of hands to guide you through life." Those who believe on angels, perhaps also believe on this angelic quote. Angels are known to be the messengers of God who act as the intermediates between the heaven and earth and works in protecting the human life, guiding them and assisting them to heal with all aspects of life including physical, mental and emotional health. Various religions including Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism etc; believe in angels and explain that all the individual human beings have their guardian angels who perform the Creator's well of peace and satisfaction for all of the mankind. There are also many people who are not religious yet believe on the concept of guardian angels being the protectors to heal and harmonize every aspects of life. Believers of guardian angels, who believe or practice the process of healing through the angels, take this method of healing as Angel Therapy.

Effectiveness of Angel Therapy as an Alternative Treatment

If you are one of the believers of Angel therapy or want to know about this therapy of spiritual healing process; then go through the current article and let your spirit speak out the words of healing and peace!

What Is Angel Therapy?

Angel Therapy is a type of Alternative therapy, which actually includes a non denominational spiritual method of healing and involves the chore of communicating and working with the guardian angels and archangels to heal various health problems including the physical, mental and spiritual health. Though primarily considered as a spiritual healing therapy, Angel therapy is also known to benefit some people by providing appropriate advises and guidance on their work, relation and life issues.

Also known as Angel Healing, this therapy of healing and harmonizing with the divine help of the Angels is just like any Unidentified Flying Object which are known to be believed only by those who have seen or experienced the effect and those who haven't perhaps take it as a blind belief and some also take the people practicing or undergoing the therapy as the sick ones requiring psychological treatments. But being neutral to the concept of Angel therapy when we look upon the statistics especially in United States Of America, there are many such people who though are non religious yet believe and prove that they have been benefited by this angel healing or angel therapy.

Doreen Virtue And Angel Therapy:

Doreen Virtue, who is an Ph.D in Spiritual counseling and healing techniques is the leading expert and preacher of the Angel Therapy. She has taught thousands of people keeping interest in Angel therapy and has published more than 30 books and CDs on the Angelic realm. Anyone who has been certified by Doreen Virtue is an Angel Therapist or Angel practitioner and is eligible to work as a professional angel therapist in assisting the clients by calling their angels and helping them heal with the guidance from their guardian angels.

Cheryl Heibert, Laura Socas, and many other angel therapists certified by Doreen Virtue has been working on this exclusive mode of Alternative therapy involving the Angels and archangels. Angel therapy not only includes the healing from various mental, physical and emotional/spiritual sickness but also there is a belief that the guardian angels can be called upon for solving various issues related to the person's career, job, relationship or general issues. Angel therapists are known to be helping their clients to communicate with their angels and get the expert advises, guidance from them for a bright and peaceful life.

The Primary Objectives Of Angel Therapy:

"Angels fill our days with love and light; and watch over us while we sleep at night!" These alluring words from an unknown author perfectly suit the people who actually believe or who are actually benefited by the guardian angel or the Angel Therapy. However for the layman who is absolutely unaware of this process of spiritual healing and who keeps interest in getting some glimpse on the same; this section would make it clear about the main objectives of the process of angel therapy.

  • "Trust keeps you in a relationship!" same is the thing here in case of Angel therapy. To communicate with your angels or archangels, to take their assistance or listen to their voice and be with them for your proper guidance and healing, you first need to trust on them and keep a total belief that Angels do exist and they along with the God help you in healing and leading your life.
  • You must be open and bold enough to surrender your problems to your Angels and also have the brave and believing heart to ask for their assistance and guidance.
  • You must let the angels take care of your illness or any issues you want them to guide you in. It must be kept in mind that you are not to interfere in their healing process and let them do their job. Just be with a relaxed mind that angels work for your good and they will take care of the betterment.
  • You will be guided by your angels directly or indirectly. Indirect guidance comes with the help of an angel therapist who aid you in communicating with your guardian angel. However, there are also people who can be guided by their angels directly in various forms like maybe in the dreams, unidentified voice or a kind of intuition.
  • Make sure you are following the words of your angels once you are made to listen to them and taking the essential steps to work upon the healing process or in the method of getting the best of advises and guidance from the angels.

Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated With Angel Therapy:

If you are willing to undergo the Angel Therapy or Angel Healing; then you must be very much obsessive about the fact that, "Angels and Gods are always with you, willing to help you for all your smaller and bigger aspects of life." Now, taking in to consideration the effectiveness as per beliefs; the physical/mental/emotional conditions which can be treated with the use of Angel therapy are listed in this section below. However, we must mention that angel therapy as a sole unique spiritual healing procedure or as a part of a combined alternative therapy including the therapies like crystal therapy, aroma therapy, sound therapy etc can be used as the effective healing technique for the following conditions.

  • Stress related issues like insomnia, headaches, panic attacks, depression etc.
  • Respiratory difficulties like hyperventilation, asthma etc.
  • Psychological problems including anxiety, lack of confidence, excessive stage fearing, social anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome etc.
  • Menstrual and menopause related problems are also known to be treated with a combined use of all the above mentioned therapies by an expert alternative therapist.
  • Angel therapy is highly beneficial for eradicating spiritual blockage or extreme negativity and as per the strong beliefs from the practitioner and the believers it is known to help a person get connected directly with the God, get back to his spiritual track and feel enlighten and complete from inside.

Effectiveness Of Angel Therapy As An Alternative Treatment

There are supporters who have experienced the effectiveness of this Angel Therapy who belief that where traditional medicines did not work to solve their health ailments and spiritual blockage; Angel therapy and archangel healing helped them tremendously. However, it is always up to the concerned individual to take this therapy in to his consideration while looking for the treatments for his health related issues or to ignore it as a fantasy tale and Blind belief.

Final Words On Angel Therapy:

It is true that those who get benefits from this non dimensional spiritual healing process of Angel therapy; are the believers of the therapy. However for critics such a kind of therapy is mere a superstitious job without any real effect. But again, "You cannot say something does not exist because you did not see!" So, let us keep a free heart and open spirit to accept the fact that anything that can sustain has something with it which deserve sustenance. Now it is up to you if you believe on this form of alternative therapy for healing and harmony or balance in life; or simply take is as a fake belief.

But if you believe; here comes the words from the expert Doreen Virtue, " Never worry about calling upon an angel because you fear that your need isn't Big enough or that the angel might be busy. The angels want to help you with everything; large or small!"

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