What is Biochemic Tissue Salts and 12 Basic Mineral Salts for Maintaining Health and to Prevent Illness

What is Biochemic Tissue Salts?

Treatment using Biochemic Tissue Salts is becoming more widely used and accepted these days. Biochemic salts are considered as a part of domestic first-aid kits by many individuals. According to Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler, during cremation, when the body undergoes complete combustion, there were 12 salts found in the ashes. These salts were called as Tissue Salts by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler. He proposed that these salts are actually the foundation of tissues and organs of the body.

Therefore, these salts are vital in keeping up an individual’s good health and well-being. Deficiency of either one or more of these salts lead to illness in the body. So, if a patient suffers from a headache, it can be cured by reestablishing the level of salt whose deficiency is causing the headache instead of giving pills or tablets to cure the headache.

What is Biochemic Tissue Salts?

12 Basic Mineral Salts for Maintaining Health and to Prevent Illness

According to Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler, the twelve basic mineral salts for maintaining health and to prevent illness are:

  • Calcium Fluoride: This is important to maintain the health of teeth and bones and helps in retaining the elasticity of skin and fibres. Deficiency of this biochemic tissue salt leads to constipation, stretch marks, dry skin and red/brown discoloration in the eye corners
  • Calcium Phosphate: This helps in restoring minerals in the cells and helps in speedy recovery. It is important for children in their growth, as it helps in developing tissues. Deficiency of this biochemic tissue salt causes decreased appetite, poor digestion, gloominess, palpitations, thin and pale appearance, numbness in the limbs, slow healing, and recuperation.
  • Calcium Sulfate: It is an excellent blood purifier and helps in purifying the complete body and eliminating the waste products. Deficiency causes problems of the skin such as abscesses and ulcers. Excessive mucus and catarrh and also neuralgia.
  • Ferrum Phosphate: This acts as a superb carrier of oxygen to each and every cell of the body. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and supports the immune-system. It helps in cold and if taken with Kali Phosphate is beneficial in fevers too. Deficiency of this biochemic tissue salt causes increased menstruation, lethargy, breathlessness, dark circles under the eyes, hemorrhoids and anemia.
  • Kali Muriaticum: It acts as a blood conditioner and detoxifier and is an important element in the clotting process. Extremely beneficial in all the excess catarrh and mucous conditions, especially in the ears. Deficiency causes pallor, nausea and swelling of glands.
  • Kali Phosphate: This biochemic tissue salt is an element of fluids and tissues of the body, in particular the brain, nervous system and muscles. It helps in nourishing the nerves and keeping them healthy and is important for the oxidation process. Deficiency causes physical and mental exhaustion, insomnia, stress and anxiety and basically any nervous system related illnesses.
  • Kali Sulph: This biochemic tissue salt is an important carrier of oxygen and helps in enhancing the kidney function. Helps in maintaining good skin. It is found in muscles, nerves and the intercellular epithelium. Deficiency causes oily skin, yellow coating on the tongue, dandruff with yellow colored flakes and secretions which are yellow or brownish in color.
  • Magnesium Phosphate: Mostly this biochemic tissue salt is present in the white nerve fibers of muscles and nerves. It also acts as a natural anti-spasmodic. Deficiency causes muscle cramps, anxiety, neuralgia, hot flashes and migraines.
  • Natrum Muriaticum: This biochemic tissue salt is also called as Sodium Chloride. It is very important for maintaining the balance of water in the body. Helps in the digestion process. Its deficiency causes dry and itchy skin, bloated face, puffy eyes, problems with digestion and swelling anywhere in the body.
  • Natrum Phosphate: This biochemic tissue salt helps in regulating the acid levels in the body. It also helps in eliminating excess water from the body. It is present in the muscles, nerves and brain cells. Deficiency causes heartburn, indigestion, foul odors and rheumatic disorders.
  • Natrum Sulph: This biochemic tissue salt is extremely important for proper functioning of the liver and pancreas. It acts as a purifying agent. Helps in maintaining the proper water level in the tissues. Deficiency causes liver and rheumatic problems, fuzzy tongue, allergies, nausea and jaundiced eyes.
  • Silica: This biochemic tissue salt is a vital component of all connective tissues and mucous membranes such as nails, bone, hair, skin and blood. Its deficiency causes boils, abscess, dry and brittle hair, irritability, short temper and increased sensitivity to light.

There are many online sites and books available offering information on this topic. All the leading homeopathic pharmacies sell these salts in a pill or powder form. However, it is important that patient consult a physician before starting any medication or treatment.

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