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14 Amazing Things About Ageing That No One Would Tell You

Ageing is a normal and natural process. This is one of the inevitable aspects of life and no one can escape it. In fact, there is simply no reason to look at ageing as something gloomy and somber. In more ways than one, your life actually gets better as you age. Quite contrary to popular belief, in this discussion we will take a look at the most amazing facts you, your body, and your psyche experience as you grow old.

Amazing Things About Ageing That No One Would Tell You

14 Amazing Things About Ageing That No One Would Tell You

Following are 14 amazing facts about ageing that no one would tell you:

  1. Crystallization of Wisdom: Your life is but a journey where you accumulate experiences and wisdom all along the way. This is the journey that gives you so many lessons and teachings. All of this wisdom crystallizes with the silver line of your life approaching. Age brings greater understanding and wisdom, something that might have been missing all this while.
  2. Increased Socialization: Research into human behavior has shown that with age a person tends to become more social. The person might be successful in letting go of their earlier inhibitions and hence become friendlier.(2) They become easier to get along with. This happens both in their social, family, and professional arenas.
  3. Better Team Player: People in their 60s and 70s often turn out to be better team players. It has been seen that with age, a person tends to bond better with people of different age groups and not just those people who are of their age.(3) With all their wisdom, they understand the topics that could interest each age group.
  4. Better Office Person: Although it is said that 60 is the cut-off age when a person is to retire from their professional responsibilities; but recent surveys show that daytime professional engagement can help to increase the life span of a person. Daytime activities that they enjoy can help people who are ageing to feel more active, productive, and hence satisfied.(1)
  5. People Who Are Aged Feel Less Stressed Out: With most responsibilities carried out successfully, life becomes a lot less stressful during this period. It has been seen that people in their 70s tend to stress lesser than younger people.
  6. Aged People can Enjoy Spice Better: Around this time, a person tends to experience a change in their taste buds. Food might seem a little bland, which is why you can do with some extra spice during this time. Whatever it might be, try everything else other than some extra salt.
  7. Enjoy Better Sex: It has been reported that as you tend to age although you have lesser of libido, the quality is what make the count. Women in their 40s tend to have more satisfying sexual relationship with their partners as compared to the younger woman.
  8. Better Confidence: As you age with so many experiences under your belt, after facing so many ups and downs in your life, nothing could put you down easily. Confidence becomes the steadfast characteristic of you, much to everyone’s surprise.(3)
  9. At Peace with Yourself: This is the time when you are at peace with yourself. There is no longer the urgency to feel the pressure of putting up with peers, unnecessary expectations, or the urgency to be someone else so that you can garner more acceptance and popularity.
  10. Become a Morning Person: As you age, you will tend to get sleepier early and hence also wake up early. This is a change in your biological clock which will make you the morning person that you must have wanted to be all your life.(1,2)
  11. Your Migraine Might Just Disappear: It has been observed that people who have suffered from migraine all their life tend to get over it as they age. Around the age of 60s and 70s, when hit by migraine, you do not develop that nasty headache. You tend to have blurred vision and sound with no pain at all.
  12. You Can Become Shorter: As you age, the gap between your vertebrae in your spine tends to decrease and your vertebras come closer.(1) This is one of the reasons why your height can shrink an inch as you grow old.
  13. Travel Well: It has been said often that you must plan the majority of your travels while you are young, as this is when you are the fittest physically. However, it has been seen that people tend to travel more as they age.(1,2) Since this is the time when you have more free time and better economic conditions, this is when you can travel better and often no one would tell you this.
  14. Patience Enhances with Age: Age brings wisdom, better knowledge, and understanding. All of these when put together will help to enhance your patience. You tend to get disturbed and perturbed less often.(3)


Ageing is a natural phenomenon and a wonderful one. Enjoy it while it happens, as it is inevitable. This is the time when you are done with all your responsibilities and you’re out to truly enjoy yourself with your loved ones.


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