How does Arm Implant Birth Control Work | Benefits, Side Effects, Insertion, Removal of Arm Implant Birth Control

Birth control has become a global concern. While pills work wonders to curb unwanted pregnancies, there have been doctors who opine that consuming pills is a hazard to one’s health. Hence, science and a couple of doctors unveiled the Arm implant birth control as a remedy to all unwanted birth issues. The arm implant birth control works better than a birth control pill and all one requires is a small surgery.

What is Arm Implant Birth Control Work?

As eponymous as it can get, arm implant birth control is related to your arms where-in the upper arm is inserted with a small rod. It controls your hormones, which in return curbs your ovaries from releasing any eggs and creates a shield that does not allow the sperm to fuse with the ovary in the first place. While it may still sound a bit complicated and unreal, tests and research have proven the arm implant as the best way to control birth for women. Even though arm implant birth control can control pregnancy for only three years, you can always have your implant changed as and when the due date comes closer.

How does Arm Implant Birth Control Work

How Does an Arm Implant Birth Control Work?

The arm implant birth control is sold as Implanon and Nexplanon. It is a thin and matchstick size plastic pin which is injected under the skin and left for three years as it curbs unwanted pregnancy. The arm implant then secretes a hormone called progestin which works as a capsule avoiding the eggs in the ovaries to leave their space, and a shield for sperms to not interact with the ovaries. While the arm implants are easily available in the market, you should consult with a physician or gynecologist before considering the implant.

How Effective are Arm Implant Birth Control in Avoiding Pregnancy?

Even though the arm implant birth control is recommended by doctors, you might second guess the decision. While pills can cause physical disparity like disruption of the menstrual cycle, heavy flow, damage to the internal reproductive parts – the arm implant birth control, considering it is injected in the arms, makes the process safe and effective.

While arm implant birth control is certainly any day better than a contraceptive pill that may tear due to excess pressure, the arm implant will safeguard against unwanted pregnancy. However, arm implant birth control does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases, allergies, skin infections or other internal damages. It has been proven that many women prefer to indulge in sexual activities without using a contraceptive pill; hence, the arm implants birth control is perfect for such women who wish to postpone their pregnancy.

Benefits of Arm Implant Birth Control Over a Pill

Even though the arm implant may not necessarily safeguard you from sexually transmitted diseases, you can be rest assured of not getting pregnant. This fact holds true especially among newly married couples who wish to consider procreating after a certain age or when they are financially stable. Unlike most medicines, the arm implant birth control is beneficial as it does not come with too many side effects. Once off the arm implant, a woman can expect a safe and smooth pregnancy cycle, no problem in breastfeeding, no hormonal tablets to balance your body, no mood swings and most importantly, a good sexual lifestyle.

What are the Side-Effects of Using the Arm Implant Birth Control?

First of all anyone with high metabolism or a woman who is prone to falling sick often due to low hemoglobin and allergies must avoid considering the arm implant birth control as there are chances she may undergo immense pain, weakness and loss of blood. Just like any other method of curbing pregnancy as they are all forced methods, even the arm implant birth control have their side effects and disadvantages. While it may seem easy and comfortable, the arm implant can cause side effects like irregular period cycles with heavy blood flow and nausea. It may also cause your body to undergo few changes like dehydration, decoloration of the skin, sore breasts, pain on the insertion side of the arm, low on energy and emotional imbalance (sometimes).

While these are just the basic symptoms or side effects suggesting the arm implant birth control is not compatible with your body, there are other few serious side effects or disadvantages of arm implant birth control that needs to be checked into:

  • The body tends to look pale and suffers with rashes due to arm implant birth control.
  • Lump formations in the breast if not noticed might cause cancer or tumor.
  • There can be side effects of pus formation if the implant is not inserted aptly.
  • Redness and sore skin which may get inflammable when touched.

Insertion & Removal of Arm Implant Birth Control

While the process of inserting an arm implant birth control takes hardly few minutes, there are a few precautions one needs to undertake. The doctor will first take a few tests to figure out if your body is ready for the small surgery. After conducting blood, strength and ECG tests, the doctor then inserts the plastic pin once the patient has consumed a painkiller. Avoiding anesthesia, the body needs to have some strength for movement post the insertion of arm implant birth control.

Just as easily as the arm implant birth control is inserted, it can also be removed from the arms. Consuming painkillers which work as a shield, the implants require the doctor to make a small cut through which the pin is pushed in and the same way pulled out once the need is over. Also, there are certain precautions one needs to take before considering the implant. By chance the implant is put in the first few days of a woman’s menstrual cycle, she must consider using a condom or contraceptive pills as a backup to avoid any after effects or failure.

Where Can One Procure Arm Implants?

There are various providers in the market who sell both the arm implants, however due to few past experiences, the chemist who sell it will hand it over only when given a prescription. As far as the price for these implants is concerned, it depends on your income, as many health centers these days are lending such implants based on the social background and financial status of the patient. Showcased as a part of their planned parenting program, the arm implant is by far an easy and comfortable way to control pregnancy. However, your body must first be checked thoroughly before it involves undergoing this surgery.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:April 18, 2017

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