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11 Astounding Health Benefits Of Skiing

One of the best exercises during the winter is Skiing. If you love skiing or live near a place where you can go to the snow covered mountains or the slope, then you are right there benefiting your own health and fitness. There are a lot of health benefits of skiing. In this post we will take a look on some of the multiple health benefits of skiing.

11 Astounding Health Benefits of Skiing

11 Astounding Health Benefits of Skiing:

  1. Skiing Increases Cardiovascular Endurance(1). One of the best health benefits of skiing is, it helps in increasing the cardiovascular endurance. Being an aerobic workout, skiing can help you in burning calories and losing weight. This cardiovascular exercise can also be good for beginners as it works the heart as well as the lungs, especially while walking up the slope.
  2. Skiing Improves Bone & Joint Health(2, 3). There is another health benefit of skiing, which is improving the health of bone and joints. While you are skiing or as you move quickly downhill, your knees must endure the weight and tension from the body, and thus the knees are strengthened when you regularly ski. Moreover, by skiing your bones even become stronger because of the weight-bearing impact that occurs on your legs. With this kind of activity, you can be able to prevent osteoporosis, knee damage, and also increase the proprioceptive strength. Better bone and joint health is an astounding health benefit of skiing.
  3. Skiing Improves Your Mood!(3) One more astounding health benefit of skiing is it helps in improving your mood. Skiing enhances overall happiness and your well-being and it also benefits your mood and mental health along with your physical health.
  4. Skiing Strengthens Lower Body Muscles. As skiing constantly puts you in a squat position, the activity works your outer and your inner thighs, quads, hamstrings, and the glutes. So, one more health benefit of skiing is it strengthens your lower body muscles.
  5. Skiing Improves Proprioception(2). Skiing improves the proprioception. A person’s ability to feel the position of various parts of the body and the effort going into moving them is defined as Proprioception. In other words, it can be explained that when you hold your hand in the front of your face by keeping your eyes closed, and you still know that your hand is present even when you can’t see it. Skiing activity involves a slight balance and coordination, and you need to be conscious of the many slight movements and also positions of the body in case you are willing to ski properly and remain on your feet. Our proprioception gets weaker as we age, so the more we are involved in such proprioceptive activities like skiing, the less will it diminish.
  6. Skiing Promotes Deep Sleep(3). Skiing has another health benefit and that is, it promotes deep sleep. When you ski, you feel exhausted in the best possible way as it engages your entire body. With this, you get nice deep and restful sleep.
  7. Skiing Improves Balance & Core Strength(3). Skiing also helps in improving balance and core strength. Because while you are skiing, you are working constantly to remain balanced, your core is engaged all the time. Moreover, this activity challenges your balances, thus helping you remain safe from falls or slips as you grow by age.
  8. Skiing Improves Body’s Flexibility(3). One of the greatest health benefits of skiing is your body’s flexibility is improved. By building your body’s flexibility, you will be able to avoid unwanted muscle sprains and strains. While downhill skiing, there is a regular and thorough stretching motion that focuses on your core muscle groups, which strengthens the abdominals, hips and obliques.
  9. Skiing Triggers Healthy Eating Habits. Another health benefit of skiing is it helps in improving eating habits. When you go for skiing, you will be naturally more conscious of your eating habits, like taking more protein, less sugar, more healthy fats, more vegetables and fruits.
  10. Skiing Helps Ward Off Seasonal Affective Disorder(3). There is nothing like taking a vacation where you can ski to your heart’s content on a snow-covered mountain/ hill with all the breathtaking natural beauty around you. In such kind of scenario, one can easily forget the day to day stresses. Additionally, when skiing, you can easily get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun, which will not only strengthen your bones, but will also banish any seasonal affective disorder and elevate your mood!
  11. Weight Loss Benefits of Skiing(3). Another excellent reason to hit the slopes is weight loss with skiing. This is another astounding health benefit of skiing. Depending on a person’s BMI and the intensity at with the ski activity is done, it is very much possible to burn up to 3, 000 calories in a day and this indeed is a great solution for you if you are looking for weight loss. Moreover, the colder temperature where you go for ski, causes your body to increase the body’s own temperature, which happens by burning calories.


With this, we are aware of some of the best and astounding health benefits of skiing. If you are excited about experiencing the wonderful benefits of this excellent cardiovascular activity, then go hit the slopes and enjoy the happiness and overall wellness of your physical and mental health.


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