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Benefits and Uses of Bio Oil

About Bio Oil

Bio oil is known for its ability to reduce stretch marks, scars, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and other skin imperfections.

It is an intensive moisturizer that helps promote healthy and radiant skin.

Bio Oil Contains:

  • Rosemary Oil: It is found effective in reducing inflammation and facilitating the healing of micro-wounds. It is also effective in reducing scars.
  • Chamomile Oil: It helps in evening out the skin tone and reduces other pigmentation issues.
  • Lavender Oil: It works as an antioxidant and reduces skin damage.
  • Calendula Oil: It is the main moisturizer present in bio oil and is excellent for dry skin.
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E

Benefits and Uses of Bio Oil

Benefits and Uses of Bio Oil

Benefits & Uses are:

Treats and Prevents Stretch Marks

Stretch marks form as the body expands quicker than the skin. This causes the skin to tear and heal itself, forming scars. It is common amongst bodybuilders and pregnant women.

Massage bio oil in a firm circular motion on the area of stretch marks. The PurCellin Oil present in it helps it absorb easily into the skin and release vital ingredients that improve skin elasticity.

It shows the result with regular use for a minimum of three months.

Improves the Appearance Of Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone occurs due to hyper pigmentation, as the skin produces an inconsistent amount of melanin causing a change in the pigmentation.

Hyper pigmentation can also result due to excessive exposure to sunlight, hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy, menopause or oral contraceptive pills.

Reduces the Appearance Of Scars

Bio oil reduces the appearance of scars caused by wounds, acne, and chickenpox.

Do not apply it on wounds thinking that would prevent scarring.

Helps Against Aging Skin

Wrinkled skin is associated with aging and is caused due to weakening of collagen and elastin.

Bio oil helps in reducing wrinkles by improving the collagen and elastin content of the skin. It makes the skin soft and supple.

Nourished the Dehydrated Skin

Bio oil helps replenish, body’s natural oil. It can be applied after bathing, showering, swimming or sun tanning.

It is ideal bath oil. Bio oil softens the skin if you bathe in it. Pour generous amounts in your bathe and be ready to enjoy a baby soft skin.

The essential oil present in bio oil moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft and supple.

Soften Cuticles

Bio oil is an excellent way to treat dry and cracked skin and soften cuticles.

It can be applied on the nails after filing and painting them, to get a nourishing finish.

Benefits of Bio Oil for Hair

Oils make hair greasy and oily. But if you use it on the end of the hair it can help give a silky finish to the hairdo.

Bio oil can also be used overnight on the roots to soothe the flaky skin on the scalp. Make sure to wash it off thoroughly the next morning to avoid a greasy look.

Can Bio Oil Be Applied On The Face?

Bio oil is known to reduce the appearance of acne scars. But be cautious while applying bio oil if still suffering from acne, sine it is oil, it can clog the pores and worsen acne.

Apply it on the scarred area rather than all over the face. You can keep it on face overnight.

For those with combination skin, apply it on the driest area of the skin avoiding the oily zones like the T zone and U zone.

Bio oil also hydrates lips and protects them from cold and harsh weather. It is perfect to be used in the winter season.

How Long Does Bio Oil Take To Give Result?

The recommended usage of bio oil is two times a day for 3 months to get a result, but the time can vary from person to person.

The newer scars take less time to fade away.

In some clinical trials, the participants experienced positive results as early as four weeks after the treatment (1).

Though more research is needed to prove the effectiveness of this oil, it can still be used and many people using it have found positive results.

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