10 Best Medical Colleges in the World For 2022

Those wishing to study medicine at some of the best universities in the world are now faced with fierce competition because of the increasing number of applicants. QS world university rankings provide one of the most effective ways to find the best university since it is based on an institution’s academic reputation and research impact. This means any institution ranked highly there is accredited and an excellent choice for the world’s best students. If you have ever found yourself googling “where to study medicine 2022”, read on, because here is what you’ve been looking for.

What to Look for in the Best Medical Schools

The process is similar to finding a business, communication, or engineering college. You want to consider the factors that make your choice better than the rest. “For one, the cost of the course will matter, as it is well known med isn’t cheap,” says Julia Robbie, a higher education writer and researcher at papersowl.com. “You also want to read up on state residency restrictions, which is where studying medicine deviates from, say, philosophy, as well as the size of the classes,” she adds. Robbie notes that different schools may have different grade requirements, which make them favorable or less so to some people.

Other factors may be tied to financial aid. Does it have funding, or is one fully self-sponsored? Do the teaching practices align with your work plans, or do they conflict? Once the non-negotiables are settled – like the type of test you may need to submit with other papers, you will want to move on to the application.

Here are the top 10 best medical schools in the world 2022.

1. Harvard University

Harvard Medical was started in 1782. It is rated highly for primary care, and the small classes – faculty: student ratio 14.6:1 – attract professionals worldwide. Learners are divided into five societies mentored for team-based learning while supervised by a faculty member. It continually innovates to stay at the top of its industry. It organizes several social events to make learners all-round.

2. University of Oxford

This city university was founded in 1936, and it rates highly in Anatomy, among other science subjects. It accommodates thousands of local and international learners each year, and the competition to get in is fierce, so you are encouraged to apply early. Apart from its medical courses that rank highly, it is known for its medieval architectural buildings that go back several years.

3. Stanford University

This uni was founded in 1885 by US senator Leland Stanford and his wife Jane, and it has been standing since. For many years, it has enjoyed the top 10 universities ranking for offering high-quality learning in different areas. The ratio of faculty to learners is 2.3:1, and learning happens on-campus full-time. It offers programs such as psychology and anesthesiology, and you only get to apply once a year for a chance to go here.

4. University of Cambridge

It is quite recent as the clinical part was founded in 1976, during which time it became known for churning some of the most sought-after professionals in their field. There is a graduate school for further reading for those interested. Its location is next to Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

5. Johns Hopkins University

It is one of the top medical schools with the best environment for medical studies and career. As one of the places you can get a degree in medicine, it is designed to offer the amenities that will attract the best brains. Learning is full-time and on-campus, and the application, which is not free, is annual, so registration closes in the last quarter of each year. The faculty-student ratio is 5.1:1, so classes are small enough for learners to feel the attention and impact of their tutors effectively. The annual tuition fee is $58,000.

6. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

The full list of the best colleges in California is incomplete without this giant that admitted its first class in 1951. Learning happens in small classes and has partnered with other bodies that make it possible for one to apply their knowledge and services to rural, disadvantaged communities. It will cost you $51,175(out-of-state) and $38,920(in-state) a year respectively.

7. University College London

It is known on the national platform, so those planning to apply here are urged to get started early enough to avoid missing places. Founded in 1826, the overall institution was the first to admit women and men on equal merit. Clinical med has been offered since 1987, and the institution has continued to rise and innovate.

8. Imperial College London

This college was founded in 1907, and it was clear from the beginning it would cater to the home applicants as well as those from other countries. Learning is conducted in English, and it will cover all aspects. The classes are small to allow learners maximum interaction with their tutors, and the exposure to life experiences with communities allows for well-rounded learning.

9. Yale University

This one will consistently score highly, thanks to the foundation laid by the founders from the start in 1701. The faculty-student ratio is 4.2:1, and it takes four years to complete one’s learning. You can take a fifth year if you want to work abroad, and the faculty will provide all the resources you need to make that happen. The Perspectives on Medicine series brings various speakers to equip learners with everything they need to know about the workplace, as one of the goals is to release professionals ready for actual work.

10. University of Toronto

Started in 1843, this Canadian institution has been matching people with their goal of learning various aspects of medical sciences and offering them high-quality learning. The learning process is conducted on-campus on a full-time basis, and it is open to global applicants with an international view.


There are other significant studying institutions such as Duke University and Columbia University which are no on the list, but the data from reliable sources put them predominantly at the top. The good news is you can apply from any part of the world, from Africa to Australia, to go to any of these institutions. Of course, entering one of these places requires a high level of academic achievements, and a lot of extracurricular work.

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