Best Online Therapy Services for 2023

Online therapy has been growing in leaps and bounds recently, and experts believe it will continue its meteoric rise into the foreseeable future. Getting professional help for your mental health is crucial to overcoming struggles like depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Therapy can be a scary process, though. With so many options out there, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Online therapy is a popular choice, with many mental health facilities offering online therapy as a supplement to in-person services. Online therapy can be an excellent option for those that are too busy or are unable to travel for in-person therapy, but it’s important to find a quality provider.

What is Online Therapy?

Online Therapy, also known as cyber therapy or e-therapy, is an increasingly popular way to treat mental health issues. Unlike in-person therapy, which takes place in a physical setting, online therapy takes place on the internet. Clients and therapists use Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or other platforms to communicate.

Recommended Best Online Therapy

  • LiveHealth Online

    Among the most comprehensive services in the selection, LiveHealth online offers qualified psychologists, counselors, and therapists for issues including depression, anxiety, bereavement, stress, and much more. Patients can select their personal psychologist, and they can set up sessions according to their own convenience. Clients have the option to visit the same therapist often if they like, and meetings are normally 45 minutes in length. For people who need help managing their medications, psychiatric treatment is also provided through a different program.

    Patients can work with a licensed counselor through video or text-based chat sessions, complete activities, and work on goals designed to help them manage symptoms and find long-term solutions. They offer 24-hour services with no signup fee, and the users can meet their therapists within a few business days after signing up.

  • TalkSpace

    Talkspace is a paid subscription-based service. Users are free to alter their strategy at any moment in order to achieve a different objective or alter the care’s primary emphasis. Qualified therapists are accessible to Talkspace members around-the-clock via online messaging and once-weekly video chat sessions. After a brief survey, Talkspace uses a system to pair patients with one of three available therapists. Patients go through a number of waypoints and milestones throughout treatment after choosing a psychologist, all of which are offered during their clinical examination. The app also provides goals and status reports to assist users in staying focused on their treatment plans. Users of Talkspace can select from a variety of plans and price choices, and they can elect to be invoiced monthly, quarterly, or twice yearly.

  • Betterhelp

    Patients utilizing Betterhelp Counselling have direct access to certified therapists, professional medical social workers, and marital advisors who all hold post-graduate degrees. According to the user’s preferences, therapy may be provided via various channels, including texting, video chat, phone calls, and teleconferencing. Additionally, the system’s re-read function enables patients to view previously personal messages from their counselor at their convenience.

    Betterhelp Counselling claims to pair users with a therapist within several days or hours of Register. However, consumers are always free to switch therapists. In certain cases, users may wish their personal information to stay confidential during treatment by setting up an account using a pseudonym rather than their entire name.

  • eTherapyPro

    Among the most affordable choices from our selection, eTherapyPro provides people considering online treatment with a free trial that lasts for three days until the bill is due. If a patient selects to proceed, there will be a $40 weekly fee that will be levied every four weeks. Members of this online counseling service can telephone, video call, or live chat with their psychiatrist.

    However, unlike some other programs, eTherapyPro doesn’t let customers select their personal therapists; otherwise, it matches them with competent practitioners who are accessible based on the answers to a survey. Customers can contact therapists any time during the day or night, including on the weekends. Customers will receive email notifications when their therapist answers.

  • Teladoc

    For individuals seeking online treatment, Teladoc may be a fantastic choice. Seven days a week, its community of licensed healthcare professionals is accessible. After registration, the application will ask the user about their individual requirements and preferences for a professional therapist before presenting a selection of provider profiles that fit. Patients can talk to an expert via phone or video chat if they are feeling nervous, sad, overwhelmed, moody, or not themselves. While medication management is a separate recommended program, it is not a solution for those who have schizophrenia or bipolar illness.

Tips On Choosing the Best Online Therapy

  1. Choose The Format Therapeutic Service That Suits You. That might involve a live video chat, phone call, text message exchange, live text chat, or a mix of them.
  2. Consider the plan alternatives that best fit the level of involvement you desire. For instance, if you really want live video meetings, be aware of how many, how long (e.g., 30 or 50 minutes), and how much it may charge to add more meetings during the month.
  3. If you’re uncertain, ask customer care to explain the specifics. Can you, for instance, put a membership on hold for a week or more? If you’re still not satisfied with your present therapist, how do you switch therapists?
  4. Recognize the return policy; that’s not always obvious on the websites for online treatment. In many circumstances, you have the option to discontinue your membership at the end of the month, but you won’t get a reimbursement for the periods you haven’t utilized.
  5. Ensure you have access to the provider type you choose. For instance, check to see if the business has psychiatrists accessible in your area if you wish to schedule appointments with one.

The reality is that online therapy has come a long way. Today, online therapy sessions are more reliable, convenient, and even cheaper than face-to-face therapy. However, it’s still important to get referrals from trusted sources and check the credentials of the therapist you’re considering.

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