Can You Grow Taller After Puberty?

Puberty and height are like brothers from the same mother, while they complement each other, there are times when they may also not act the way they are supposed to. However the height of a person depends on their genes, diet, physical exercise and lifestyle before and after puberty. While many attain a good amount of height post attaining puberty, there are few who are still stuck to the height as before.

Can You Grow Taller After Puberty?

Can You Grow Taller After Puberty?

Girls normally tend to attain puberty two years before boys and reach the maximum height as per their body structure by their mid-teens however doing the math of the two year gap it is around 17 when a boy reaches his limit on the height scale. However sometimes the equation between one’s nutritional level, physical activity and genes can affect the height scale and hence these days due to the lifestyle changes there have been many uncertainties in terms of height accuracy.

However there are many myths about puberty and height which is untrue. One among them is about how one stops to grow after attain physical maturity and this is mainly said for the male members. However teenagers are known to have one of the most active physical silhouettes that keeps on growing till they body reaches its mature territory. However for those who have attained their puberty and seek advice on how to increase their height post it, here are remedies and physical work outs that ensure one attains their desired height level.

Importance of Diet in Helping you Grow Tall Post Puberty

Every body type needs its share of nutrients be it fat or thin and if it doesn’t receive its daily dosage of vitamins and calories then the body won’t react. Hence, in case of height, you need to maintain a good proportion of proteins, calcium, fats and amino acids, as this helps your bones grow and makes them strong. Even an athletic body types needs its daily dose of nutrients as unlike many lean body types an athletic body has high amount of metabolism and hence needs regular intake of food to keep it fueled and more over the right ingredients so the body grows faster. Even though puberty once attained is a barrier to your height as per some physicians, let’s prove them wrong by taking the right nutrients and increase your height considerably. In fact high amount of proteins and calcium in the body ensures your fat percentage stays low while your lean figure stands tall.

How Yoga Can Help You Grow Taller After Puberty?

Yoga is basically a physical activity than ensures you stay fit and flexible and keeps your body fat percentage and weight under control. However did you know that yoga can also help your strengthen your core and help you increase your height? The fact that the workouts in yoga are all about extending beyond your height ensures it accelerates your physical figurines elasticity and longevity. Breaking the barriers of certain distances, yoga helps you stretch your arms and legs which straightens your spine and makes you inches taller than your usual height.

In fact a lot of time the physical knots or the fat in your body is the reason you tend to look shorter than your actual height hence yoga to straighten your body.

Performing Pull-ups Can Help Increase Height Even Puberty

While pull-ups is a great exercise using your body weight to burn fat percentage, it also elongates your body structure as you pull your body against gravity and are then pulled down. In fact as kids when we played on monkey bars, that is exactly one must consider doing a pull up regime hanging on each bar and pulling your body up as you are on it. While it helps you strengthen your arms and builds muscles around your forearms and chest it also ensures your body is pulled enough to look tall.

How Back Extensions Help in Increasing Height Post Puberty?

Has it ever occurred to you that you may look short also due to a hunch in your spinal cord? While many may witness the constant hunching there are many who can spot it and land up looking shorter than their actual height. This is also cause of the obsession over video games and television teenagers these days have gotten into. With the computer age at its peak many a times one tends to hunch slightly to avoid straining their eyes or concentrate but in the bargain ruin the structure of their spine. Hence back extensions are a good form of exercise which help people to extend their spinal cord to the fullest keeping it erect and in line with their legs.

Cycling is an Effective Exercise to Help You Grow Taller Even After Puberty

Cycling is a fun exercise one must have learnt since childhood, in fact it is advised to many adult to consider cycling to work not only to avoid pollution but also to maintain a good physique and health. However lately few studies have proved that the person who cycles regularly has good chances of increasing his or her height as they tend to extend their leg muscles which in return extends their height proportionately. So while you may still consider taking a taxi or bus to work remember the cycle can always come in handy to help your not only reach on time and stay fit but also increase your height.

Seek Physician’s Guidance in Your Effort to Grow Tall

Any kind of physical activity is best undertaken under the guidance of a physician and hence even while increasing your height one must consider doing so as it can get tiring and unwantedly might cause internal injury. A lot of times people in course of their action land up suffering with ligament tears, hence you must ensure one doesn’t take any action until consulted with their physician. Also the physician can bring a change in your diet and help you with more feasible exercises in case the once suggested earlier ain’t helping your body.

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