Best Skin Care Routine

Skin care is a very crucial element, especially with the hectic schedule these days which doesn’t allow many to even apply their night cream or sometimes sunscreen. Even though many find these little nuances unimportant, the things we overlook tend to give us trouble in the future. No one wishes for fine lines, wrinkles and a skin life which deteriorates with increasing age. While these things if taken care of earlier can be curbed at a younger age, there are many skin routines if practiced on a regular basis can leave you with refreshing and healthy skin life.

Best Skin Care Routine

Rounding up few such routines, here are four major skin routines every individual must consider indulging in for a great skin life:

Best Skin Care Routine in 20’s

Your skin at the age of 20 is extremely volatile and needs utmost care as it can get worse or can be ever flawless. However, this is the time when many women and men tend to miss out on following certain rituals for this face skin, which then causes early aging and other problems.

Here are ways you can ensure glowing skin at 20:

  • Late night outs, quick fixes and oodles of face products – this is the age of experimenting with your face and hence it is the time when you actually start to take care of your skin. Remember the golden rule of a simple cleanup to remove your makeup each night scrub – wash – moisturize. There are times when you may without removing makeup, which in return may clog your pores, make it extra oily and giving you zits. Hence indulge in a mini beauty regime and scrub your face with a fruit based cream, wash with an oil-free face wash and finally moisturize with a night cream and witness the change in your skin health.
  • It takes a fraction of minutes for the skin around your eyes to react to the harsh rays of the sun. With the skin texture being thin, pamper your eyelids with a recommended eye cream with SPF and witness the change your twinkly eyes will witness. Besides the dark circles the minerals in the cream will ensure no dark circles or even sulphur deposits on the lids.
  • Oily skin is a regular flaw at this age and if not addressed early can get bad for skin latter. But did you know it is majoly a flaw by you moisturizer. While moisturisers are meant to be buttery, how about mattefying your cream with proper SPF content and avoiding you skin to look oily. Try this and you shall witness flawless skin even when outside and you will not need oil control tissues.
  • Studies says people who use sunscreen each and every day tend have a zkit-free and flawless skin texture unlike other days. So the next time you go out remember to carry your sunscreen and probably treat your face with it daily as your sunscreen protects your face at all times and ensures you have a healthy skin texture.

Best Skin Care Routine in 40’s

You need not resort to botox or skin uplifting treatments at the age of 40. While they are very expensive, they can have adverse effects on your skin too. Hence here are few way you can keep your skin healthy and intact as if it never aged.

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly with an oil free face wash, avoid scrubbing as that may ruin your skin texture. Rather lather it in circular motions with a face wash. Indulge in parlor clean ups at least once in 15 days to keep your skin breathing fresh air.
  • Indulge in application of an anti-aging cream to fine lines and dark circles. Instead of plain creams pamper your skin with the serum or extract treatments many a beauty brands have started these days. They are extremely effective and give your skin a good texture. The tea-tree oil based products and vitamin E ones are extremely good when in serum content.
  • Your skin tends to repair its pores and tears in the night while you sleeping. Hence you must accelerate its motion with a good sulphur-free night cream with Vitamin E that will refurbish your skin leaving it glowing and line free.
  • However sad it may sound your skin now needs a dosage of an anti-aging cream especially when you are in your 40s. So even though you may not like the sound of it- a swab of the cream is enough to leave your skin soft and no wrinkles.

Best Skin Care Routine to Maintain an Acne-Free Skin

Best Skin Care Routine to Maintain an Acne-Free Skin

An acne free skin is a rare phenomenon as how much ever care you take, there will be a day in your life when you wake up yelling at the sight of a pimple on your face. However it is easy to keep your skin free from acne with a basic principle of cleansing.

  • Ensure to cleanse your face starting with exfoliating the dead skin off your face. Be it a scrubber or pumice stone (some use it in case of rough skin); it is necessary for your skin to feel fresh and that will happen only when you scrub off and exfoliate the dead skin.
  • Face washes are not just a soap properties filled in a cream but are actually good to cleanse your pores which one can witness through naked vision. Hence you must keep it handy and use a face wash instead of soap as it leaves your skin oil-free which also means not pimples.
  • Use organic material for a facepack besides the medicated and processed products one gets outside to get rid of acne. For Example turmeric and milk packs, honey and cream packs and the neem paste face pack are three of the most effective face regimes to overcome acne and leave your skin with a flawless glow.
  • Ensure to upgrade your intake of water especially in summer to stay well hydrated and to cleanse your gut which in return ensures great skin health. Keeping your skin hydrated means not zits or pimples for life.
  • Ensure you visit a dermatologist regularly as they not only give you a detailed report of your skin but also ensure to let you know where the flaw is.

Best Skin Care Routine to Manage Rough Skin Issues

Rough or dry skin is lack of moisture and dehydration. No one likes to own a skin texture which is scaly and withered – hence here are some regular regimes that will ensure your skin hydrates enough to feel fresh:

  • Give your skin a relaxing massage especially in the mornings with warm water so that it opens up the pores. Use a tea-tree face wash and lather your face before you wash it off with warm water again.
  • Ensure to exfoliate your skin with a fruit based scrub as gathering of dried up and dead skin cells on face can mount up a base for acne.
  • Moisturize your skin regularly with Vitamin E based serums and creams as your skin needs to hydrate post exfoliation and repairs itself only when soothed with vitamin E extracts.
  • Keep a sunscreen with an SPF 50 or 70 handy as the skin tends to dry up and burn out when dry and in the presence of harsh UV rays. The higher the content in SPF for such skin type, the better the results and leaves you glowing.
  • Home remedies are always handy and good especially when done early in the morning or overnight. Dry scaly skin need oil based products and what better than using natural products on your skin. The concept of using fresh cream makes your skin supple and treats the rough patches on your skin. Even using honey for an overnight mask will work wonders as honey is known as a natural moisturizer that leaves your skin soft and hydrates it.
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