DIY Refined Flour Face Packs For That Gorgeous Skin

Refined flour or Maida is a very versatile ingredient. It is made from refining whole wheat flour to a very fine powder. It is not only used for cooking but its properties are also used for beauty treatments. It has the properties of making the skin clear and removing all the skin impurities. You can remove the tan from your skin with this wonderful ingredient too.

DIY Refined Flour Face Packs For That Gorgeous Skin

DIY Refined Flour Face Packs For That Gorgeous Skin

Here are given some wonderful refined flour face packs that you can do it yourself to rejuvenate your skin. After knowing about them this household item will be your go-to product for skin care from now on:

  1. Refined Flour and Turmeric Face Pack

    To make this face pack to get a gorgeous skin, You will need 2 tsp of flour, half tsp of turmeric and 1 tsp of olive oil.

    Add refined flour and turmeric in a bowl. Mix olive oil in it to make a paste. Add water if required. Apply this paste on your face and neck. Wait 15 minutes only and then clean the face using water.

    Benefits. This wonderful DIY face pack will clean your skin from inside due to the presence of turmeric. The flour will hydrate your skin and keep it glowing. Using these easily available will give you smooth skin.

  2. Refined Flour and Tomato Face Pack

    The ingredients that you will need to make this face pack are:

    • Refined Flour – 1 Tsp
    • Tomato juice – 1 Tsp
    • Curd – 1 Tsp
    • Milk powder – 1 Tsp
    • Honey – ½ Tsp

    Add all these ingredients to a bowl and mix well. If you have oily skin, then avoid honey. Apply it to your face and neck. Leave it to let it dry completely. Once it is dry, you can wash.

    Benefits. Be sure to check the pack before you use it on your face. If you are allergic to any tomato, then do not use this. Apply this pack at night as tomato causes the skin to be photosensitive. You should also use a sunscreen to protect your skin.

    This DIY face pack is great for various reasons:

    • Effective for skin whitening
    • Gives a glow to the skin
    • Removes tan from the skin
    • Tomato is great to remove pimple marks
    • Honey is a great antibacterial product
    • Curd makes the skin smooth
  3. Refined Flour and Aloe Vera Face Pack for Gorgeous Skin

    Another great DIY face pack that you can use is that of refined flour and aloe vera pack. Here we show you how to prepare this face pack and use it.

    Take required amount of aloe vera gel in a bowl and add about 2 tbsp. of refined flour as well as some rose water. Make a thick paste and then apply it to the face. After 15 min, wash with water.

    Benefits. The main benefit of this pack is its whitening effect. Aloe vera is a wonderful ingredient. It is skin soothing and will help for controlling skin breakouts and treating skin burns.

  4. Refined Flour and Milk Face Pack

    Here is one more face pack for your skin that is easy to prepare at home. To make this pack, use half a cup of milk and add 2 tsp refined flour. A tsp of honey can be added to this mixture. Apply this pack to your face and neck. Keep it on for 15 minutes. Wash it with plain water once it is dry.

    Benefits. Refined flour’s exfoliating properties become more effective when we add milk to it. Milk is a great cleanser so this can be used for the skin regularly.

    Try these great face packs with refined flour for that wonderful glowing skin. Get flawless and soft skin with the use of refined flour face packs and attain the desired results.

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