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Does Viral Infection Risks Increases When You Shave Or Wax Pubic Hairs?

Shaving pubic hairs is quite common in both males and females. However, if the research work has to be believed then it may not be such a good idea to shave off the pubic hairs, especially if you care about your sexual health. Studies suggest that different ways of shaving pubic hairs pose different threat. Some experts believe that it may put you at risk for various sexually transmitted diseases. The trend of shaving off pubic hairs was started from porn stars from where it became a common practice and even a fashion statement for many.[1]

Shaving off pubic hairs became such a rage among teenagers that this topic even made headlines in various entertainment magazines. Some actresses vouched for this to give their private parts a more natural look. What many people did not think about that, while shaving pubic hair is easy and can be done at home is the safety aspect of it.[1]

Unless it is done very carefully, an individual can end up having cuts in the area which can lead to infections. The infection risk also increases in cases of ingrown hairs.[1] Aside from this, whether there is any risk for viral infections after shaving pubic hairs is what has been discussed in the article below.

Does Viral Infection Risk Increases When You Shave Or Wax Pubic Hairs?

Does Viral Infection Risk Increases When You Shave Or Wax Pubic Hairs?

Studies have shown that Brazilian waxes which are extremely popular and other variety of hair removal creams and lotions increase the risk of viral infections specifically Molluscum contagiosum. This study was published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. The study states that shaving off pubic hairs causes minute trauma to the skin which increases the risk of viral infection most commonly the pox virus called Molluscum contagiosum.[2]

In the times past, pubic hair removal was done more for religious and cultural rituals. However, this is done now more for fashion in both males and females. Molluscum contagiosum is an extremely contagious dermatological viral infection caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus. This virus belongs to the pox family and results in raised papules known by the name of condyloma subcutaneous. This infection is more common in young adults or people with a compromised immune system.[2]

This virus can also infect through unprotected sex and this has become the primary mode of transmission over the last decade. This prompted researchers to analyze whether the increased cases of viral infections through MCV has anything to do with shaving of pubic hairs.[2]

The data that was analyzed was taken from people who visited private skin clinic in Nice, France, between the period of 2011 and 2012. The results of the data analysis showed that one third of people were infected with the MCV of which 6 were females with average age being around 30 years. There were four cases in which the papules caused by the MCV had spread to cover the abdomen and the thighs. In about 10 cases people had warts, ingrown hairs, scars, cysts, and folliculitis. Approximately 90% of people with these above mentioned symptoms had their pubic hair shaved, clipped, or waxed.[2]

Since MCV spreads very easily with scratching, the researchers believed that hair removal techniques encourage spread of the virus. This clearly proved that the risk of viral infection increased by shaving pubic hairs.[2]

According to the CDC, that there are more than 110 million cases of sexually transmitted cases in the United States with over 20 million cases every year and the numbers are increasing every year. If the studies are to be believed then there are high chances that a significant percentage of these infections may be caused due to shaving of pubic hairs.[2]


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