Benefits Of Foot Rollers For Feet: Relieve Your Tired Feet!

Are you bound to stand long because of your profession? Are you into physical activities that exert a lot of pressure on your feet? It is for sure your feet must be aching or you might be feeling a kind of soreness in your feet. Now, imagine how relaxing it feels when you go for a foot massage! Foot rollers are a kind of massage tools which can help you relieve your tired feet and relax you even with your daily chores of life. This current article will revolve around the topic on how actually foot rollers benefits our feet. We will know about the foot rollers, talk about their benefits to feet, know about how to use the tools and also study some of the best foot rollers available in recent times.

Benefits of Foot Rollers for Feet

What Are Foot Rollers?

Foot rollers are elongated massage tools containing raised points which allow you to roll them up and down with your feet. Usually foot rollers are made of wood or plastic and are easy to carry wherever you go. These foot rollers are highly beneficial in easing pain from the feet and thus help in relaxing your feet from tension or pressures at work or at home.

Reflexology Based Foot Rollers:

There are some foot rollers which are made on the principles of reflexology and accordingly work in relieving pain from your feet. Reflexology actually determines that there are certain pressure points found in our feet. By using a foot roller based on reflexology one can activate these different pressure points and ensure his or her well being. These foot rollers contain their raised points corresponding to the pressure points on our feet.

Basically the wooden foot rollers are based on the reflexology principles. These are crafted from a simple design and can be easily used. The most basic of the wooden foot rollers is designed from one solid piece of wood. The ribbed design carved all along the foot roller has primary purpose of stimulating the pressure points present in the foot. There are advanced set ups in wooden rollers which come up with the deluxe wooden rollers and the ultimate wooden foot rollers.

Multi-Rollers Foot Massager:

There are also foot massaging tools where there are several rollers present in the foot roller/massager. Usually these multi-rollers are fitted with two rollers side by side for both foot massage and several rollers in rows. These multi-rollers foot massagers are light in weight and gives greater benefits in relieving pain from foot. They cover most part of the feet and they are crafted in a way that fits correctly with the foot arches.

How To Use Foot Rollers?

Using a foot roller is extremely easy and simple. All you need to do is just slip off your shoes and simply roll off your feet on these foot rollers. Rolling your feet on these foot rollers helps you stimulate the pressure points present in your feet and helps you relieve the tired feet, soreness and foot aches. You can do it anytime and anywhere. Apart from its benefits to feet, the foot roller also assists in recharging with energy to your entire body.

How Exactly Foot Rollers Benefits the Feet?

Following are the benefits of foot rollers for the feet:

How Exactly Foot Rollers Benefits the Feet?

  • When you roll off your feet in a foot roller, you can find your feet will feel massaged and remain relaxed.
  • With the use of foot rollers, you can ensure a proper circulation of the blood in your feet
  • You can get relief from the foot pain, or any type of soreness in your feet, once you massage your feet with the foot rollers.
  • Now, what could be more exciting than the fact that foot rollers are easy to use and easy to carry from one place to other at an ease. All you need is carry your tool with you and go for at least a 10 minutes of simple foot massage (by rolling off your feet on the roller) for 3-5 times in a day and you see the best results coming out.

Where to Buy a Foot Roller?

Now, if you are looking for a purchase of a foot roller for your feet then you can find it out with any natural health store. However, internet is the best place to purchase the best quality foot rollers. There are various online stores selling the best foot rollers online. You can visit their website, find out the product descriptions and check on the reviews to make the best choice for your purchase online. It is pretty simple and easy in fact!

We are providing you with top 4 brands of foot rollers name and their descriptions in the following paragraphs for assisting you in making the best choice for your feet.

Top 4 Brands of Foot Rollers:

  1. Theraband Foot Rollers:

    This is a wonderful type of foot roller which primarily helps in providing you comfort in plantar fasciitis. Patients with plantar fasciitis can use this roller to stretch the plantar fascia and enhance flexibility. Such foot rollers from Theraband are made of supple natural rubber and are slip- resistant. This foot roller has similar ridges like those of the simple foot rollers; however the ridges are in an opposite direction than in the wooden foot rollers. This foot roller can be allowed to freeze in the freezer and be used for best results. You need to freeze it for one day and then use the roller for at least 10-15 minutes to find a better relief from foot aches in plantar fasciitis. The small and light weight of this foot roller makes it one of the best choices of customers.

  2. Foot Roller TM by Body Back TM:

    This is one more amazing brand of foot roller designed by the Body Back TM and helps in soothing the feet aches and soreness in a simple way. This is one of the best wooden foot rollers of the recent times.

  3. Trigger Point Nano Foot Roller:

    This is one of the stunning foot rollers that is specifically designed to reduce minor muscular aches associated with the foot and also helps in improving flexibility. Best of its kind in relieving foot aches and soreness. Trigger Point Nano foot roller is designed to match with the massage from a massage therapist’s fingertips. This foot roller surface provides a systemic approach to the blood circulation by directly chanelling the nutrients to the tissues.

  4. The Hot and Cold Foot Roller from Gaiam:

    This is one more wonderful foot roller which allows you to relieve foot pain, pain from heel spurs and mostly beneficial in plantar fasciitis. You can make use of this roller with the hot and cold therapy where the hot and cold technology of the roller allows it to maintain the temperature for up to 30 minutes of the hot or the cold therapy, as per your requirements. The unique design of the foot rollers make it a great tool that effectively fits in to the foot arches.


Now that you are known to the effectiveness of the foot rollers and also about some of the best foot rollers, in case you need to relieve your tired feet and have some relaxation then look forward to make your purchase from any local natural health store or from any of the best online stores.

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