Home Remedies to Stop Receding Hairline

Ageing may bring lots of health related problems in human and receding hairline is one of them. The problem is also called hair loss. The receding hair line problem is seen more in males than females. The majority of individuals suffer from hair loss when they are in their 30s and within 10-15 years the problem reaches a serious level. As an individual enters his middle age, the receding hairline starts turning into baldness. There are several factors responsible for thinning of hair including genetics. Though nobody can control genetic factors, other factors like stress, unhealthy lifestyle, side-effects of medicines etc. could be controlled. Several studies of receding hairline have shown that there are multiples of ‘easy-to-adopt’ home remedies available which can be used to stop receding hairline and hair loss and regenerate hair.

Home Remedies to Stop Receding Hairline

Home Remedies to Stop Receding Hairline

There are many effective home remedies available to stop receding hairline in both men and women. Some very effective home remedies are as follows –

  • Herbal Home Remedies to Stop Receding Hairline: Here are some easy to use herbal home remedies for hair growth –
    • Amla for Stopping Receding Hairline: For ending regular hair loss and receding hairline and to promote fast hair growth, Indian gooseberry, or ‘Amla’ is unparalleled. It is rich in vitamin C and minerals making it a very useful home and herbal remedy to stop receding hairline or hair loss. When applied on the scalp externally, it works as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial agent. It stops hair loss within a week and its exfoliating properties help to maintain a healthy scalp, which promotes hair growth. Normally, its freshly prepared paste is to be used twice a week.
    • Aloe Vera-An Effective Remedy to Stop Receding Hairline: It contains enzymes that promote healthy hair growth. Moreover, its alkalizing feature helps to balance the pH of scalp and hair, which can significantly promote hair growth naturally. Both Aloe Vera juice and gel can be used like a shampoo at least thrice a week.
    • Stopping Receding Hairline with Fenugreek: Methi or Fenugreek is very effective home remedy in arresting hair fall, stopping the receding hairline, and stimulate growth of hair. The hormone antecedents present in the fenugreek helps to open up hair follicles and strengthen the tissues around the follicles. To use fenugreek on the scalp, its paste with water is to be prepared and applied twice a week.
  • Food and Dietary Supplements That Help Stop receding Hairline: Some foods are very effective for hair regrowth. Natural treatment for receding hairline is possible through eating food that is good for scalp, hair follicles and hair. Some important foods that are useful and can be an effective home remedy for receding hairline are as follows –
    • Eating a lot of different types of fish, especially sea fishes containing sufficient quantity of omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamin D.
    • Iron rich fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, spinach, olives, beans, asparagus, arugula, coconut, apricot, berries etc. can be of help to stop receding hairline naturally.
    • Eggs and meat also provide iron and proteins necessary for daily hair growth.
    • Individuals with hair problem also need lots of zinc and selenium that are available in the sources like nuts and fish.
    • Experts also advise to take dietary supplements on a regular basis for vitamin B complex, vitamin D, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids.
    • It is found that iron deficiency in the blood is a major source of hair loss in certain parts of the scalp due to lack of proper blood circulation. Early receding hairline is closely associated with the consumption of too much refined sugar and sweets.
  • Lifestyle Changes to Stop Receding Hairline: In any situation, certain lifestyle changes could drastically curtail the rate at which the hair falls every day. Lifestyle changes can also help the other remedies to work more effectively or certain factors of receding hairline to fade away remarkable. Here are some lifestyle changes that could help an individual to fight against receding hairline-
    • Hair products free from alcohol and drying chemicals are only suitable for treating rapidly receding hairline.
    • Using right comb and proper combing method are necessary. Regular combing stimulates hair follicles, but it should be done methodically.
    • One should never use harsh hair chemicals like dyes, streaks, and bleaches etc. regularly. On continuous use of these products, even the persons with healthy hair may have hair fall symptoms.
    • Individuals with receding hairline should also change eating habits. More portentous foods and foods rich in vitamins and minerals are necessary for healthy hair and regular hair growth.

Although, genetic factors responsible for receding hairline has no cure, preventing the other factors from influencing it further can stop aggressively receding hairline.

Tips to Stop Receding Hairline

  • Overall health and habits largely determine the health of hair and scalp. So it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stop receding hairline.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene in personal life is also important. Hair and skin products that one uses needs to be personal and not shared with anyone.
  • Stressful life is not good for the health of hair. People who smile a lot and do not bear stress or tension, possesses healthy and beautiful hair. Everybody must learn to manage stress. If required, help must be taken from a psychologist or mental health professional.
  • Special care must me given on eating habit. Nutritious foods full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers help to stay fit and healthy. Only a healthy body can bear healthy hair. Like the body, hair and hair follicles also need nutrients. So, maintaining healthy diets necessary for thick and strong hair is important to stop receding hairline.


Receding hairline is a common issue nowadays. Rapid changing lifestyle and eating habits have been showing their negative impacts in the hair. People nowadays live on stress, tension and depression, which are also responsible for receding hairline. If the genetic trend supports hair fall, the other factors further aggravates that genetic pattern. Residing on healthy lifestyle, learning to manage stress and tension, abhorring smoking and right eating habit can arrest rapid hair fall. At the same time, applying one or more herbal therapies, which are too simple to prepare and apply at home, will further stop receding hairline and help to grow thick and shining hair.

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