How to Build Biceps without Weights?

Individuals with well-built limbs, especially hands always look very attractive. Youngsters understand this fact; hence they spend hours in gyms with varieties of machineries to get well built biceps. Everybody wants to know how to improve the look of their arms. Men desire well shaped biceps while women want them to be slender and perfectly toned. Gym-owners know how intensively people desire to shape their hands, and thus gyms are packed with equipments specifically designed to work with arms. One needs to workout regularly to build visibly attractive biceps. However, these regular workouts need not necessarily have to be at gyms or at home with expensive machineries and weights. There are multiple alternative ways where body weight and specific articles used at homes are sufficient to make sturdy and attractive biceps.

How to Build Biceps without Weights?

How to Build Biceps without Weights?

The biceps brachii is the scientific name of the biceps. It is a skeletal muscle that helps the movement of the elbow and shoulder. The biceps are called bi-articular muscle that helps in controlling the motion of two different joints viz. the shoulder joint and the elbow joint. Some useful exercises can be performed anywhere including at home that are capable to enhance biceps without weights. These exercises are easy to perform but should be practiced regularly to get desired result.

  • Exercise 1 to Build Biceps Without Weights- Arm Circle: To do this exercise below mentioned steps are to be followed-
    • Stand with two legs set apart by almost three foot from each other.
    • Arms are to be stretched out at both sides at shoulder level.
    • Arms are to be rotated backwards in small circles for 30-40 times.
    • In the similar fashion, arms are to be rotated forward 30-40 times.
    • Process is to be continued for 15-20 minutes.
  • Exercise #2 to Build Biceps Without Weights – Pushups: Pushup is very useful exercise for biceps. Following steps to be followed to get the best result-
    • Entire body needs to be dropped down facing the surface.
    • The legs are to be kept parallel to each other and maximum body weight should come on the tips of the toes.
    • Hands are to be placed beneath the shoulders.
    • Head, neck and back are to be in a straight line.
    • Now the entire body is to be put down until elbows bend at 90°.
    • After that body to be pushed up keeping head, neck and back in straight line.
    • This can be practiced till one feels exhausted.
  • Exercise #3 to Build Biceps Without Weights –Half Moon Rotations: Here are the steps to be followed for this exercise
    • Feet are to be placed shoulder length apart.
    • Arms are to be placed parallel to the shoulder.
    • Palms of both hands are to be placed downwards.
    • With the arms up in air, hands are to be rotated in such a way that the thumbs face upwards and then in a way that it faces downwards.
    • This process to be repeated 30-40 times.
  • Exercise #4 to Build Biceps Without Weights – Pull-ups and Chin-ups: These exercises are very useful in toning up biceps. For this exercise Pull-up bar is needed or a doorway pull-up bar can be purchased to exercise at home. The following steps are to be followed –
    • The bar is to be gripped at shoulder-width apart.
    • Keeping the hands straight, the knees are to be bent to hang straight.
    • Now bending the elbows downwards, the body is to be pulled up until the chin passes the bar.
    • Body is to be pulled down at the former position and the posture is to be repeated with a deep breath.

Chin-ups are different types of pull-ups using an easier grip. Here the performer grips the bar with both the palms facing up instead of facing down. Chin-ups are easier because in this process biceps are used more.

  • Exercise #5 Bicep Curls With Resistance Band to Build Biceps Without Weights: This exercise can be performed with or without weights. To perform biceps curls without weights, you can use a resistance band.
    • Lock the center of the resistance band with your feet and grip the edges of the band with your fingers.
    • Keep your arms close to your body.
    • Slowly curl up your biceps without moving your elbows behind or away from your body and making sure your palms facing upwards towards the ceiling, and making sure that only the forearms move up and down.
    • You can continue to breathe normally while performing this exercise.

Exercise #6 to Build Biceps Without Weights—Hammer Curls With Resistance Band

This exercise is similar to Biceps curls but while doing this exercise your palm should be facing inwards towards your body.

Exercise #7 to Build Biceps Without Weights—Overhead Bicep Curls With Resistance Band: To do this exercise one end of the resistance band has to be fixed or hooked on a wall at height above your head. Some of the resistance band come with a door hook. Just fix it on top of the door and move a few feet away from the door so that there is some tension in the resistance band. Make sure your hand is held straight at your shoulder level and now curl up your arms such that you try to get the band towards the shoulder without bending your elbows down.

Tips to Build Biceps without Weight

Only exercises are not enough, since many other factors including eating habit, and life style has immense effect on physical structure and effectiveness of exercises. Here have a look at some very easy-to-follow tips:

  • Exercising Early: Early morning exercises are immensely helpful. They show a greater impact on muscles. Experts have proved that early morning exercises give 40% better result than exercises performed at any other time in a day.
  • Eating Habit: Exercises will not be as effective as it should be if balanced diet is not followed. Muscles and bones need complete nutrition with exercise to tone up correctly.
  • Theoretical Knowledge: Understanding physiology and also understanding effects of exercises theoretically helps to get maximum benefits out of exercises.
  • Reduction in Resting Time: Resting time in between two sets of same exercise is to be reduced as much as possible. Initially it will be tough, but with constant practice such resting time is to be reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Swimming: It’s a great energy booster and also provides excellent muscular movements including exercises for biceps. Swimming at the end of an exercise session is good for muscle building.
  • Enhancement of Time Span – Without over doing, the time span of total exercising session is to be increased slowly. However, care should be taken to not overwork which may damage the muscles in some situations.


Some very common exercises can satisfactorily improve muscular build up of each body muscles including biceps. People with well developed biceps look smart and attractive, so any able bodied individual can think of performing these easy to do exercises and follow the above mentioned tips to get extremely attractive biceps. At the same time it should also be kept in mind that nothing will happen overnight. Regular exercises along with healthy lifestyle will surely build desired biceps.

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