Scalp Conditions that Cause Hair Loss & its Treatment

Many people suffer from hair loss because of certain scalp conditions that cause the loss of hair. If you are one amongst them then this article would be a nice read for you. We will talk about some of the scalp conditions that cause hair loss and also talk about their treatments in the article.

Various Scalp Conditions that Cause Hair Loss & its Treatment

Overview on Scalp Conditions that Cause Hair Loss:

Hair loss is one of the most unwanted problems one would have. There can be various reasons for a hair loss including medical conditions, hereditary thinning, certain drugs, psychiatric disorders, over exposure of the hair to sunlight and over-processing of hair etc. However in this article we will talk about the specific scalp conditions which can cause hair loss.

There are some medical conditions which directly affect the skin on the scalp and these conditions lead to inflammation of the hair follicles which in turn causes hair to fall out. Hair loss due to some scalp conditions maybe complete a hair loss or maybe hair breakage or also maybe small bald patches on the skin of the scalp. It must be noted that most of these scalp conditions leading to hair loss are temporary and causes the loss of hair for temporary time period and can be treated well. However there are also few such scalp conditions which may cause a permanent loss of hair.

Though there are many scalp conditions which can cause loss of hair, the exact causes are unknown in many scalp conditions leading to hair loss, or in some, there may be many multiple causes and also in some scalp conditions genetics may be involved. The treatments for hair loss mainly depend on the underlying scalp conditions causing the loss of hair.

We will take a look on some the most noted scalp conditions that cause hair loss and also about their treatments in our following arrays.

Various Scalp Conditions that Cause Hair Loss & its Treatment:

Here in this section we will talk about some of the most noted scalp conditions that cause hair loss.

  1. Hair Loss Caused due to Folliculitis: Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles. Hair loss caused due to Folliculitis occurs where the bacteria, fungi or viruses invade the hair follicles. Folliculitis may cause clusters of red bumps along with skin tenderness, itchiness and blisters filled with pus that break open on the scalp. In some cases, i.e. in case the folliculitis is very deep then it can cause a swollen mass, scarring and pain till the infection is treated completely. There are chances of hair loss due to the inflammation in the hair follicles occurring in the scalp condition of Folliculitis. Though these hair losses are temporary there are also more serious cases of folliculitis which may cause permanent fall out of hair. This may lead to small bald patches over the scalp.

    Treatment for Hair Loss Caused due to Folliculitis:

    Folliculitis is easily treatable in most cases and it in many cases it gets cured even without any treatment. However some people may require treatments which include over-the-counter medications that contain benzoyl peroxide. Some cases of folliculitis also require antibiotic treatments. In mild cases of folliculitis, doctor may prescribe antibiotic cream mupirocin. Light therapy with a medicated cream is also undergone in some people with folliculitis. Some serious cases may require laser hair removal therapy, where infection in folliculitis does not clear from any of the treatment strategies.

  2. Hair Loss Caused Due to Tinea Capitis: Also known as ringworm of the scalp is a fungal infection caused by dermatophytes or the mol-like fungi which causes hair loss. Here, hair loss occurs and leaves the skin of the scalp with small bald patches. This ringworm of the scalp causes pus-filled sores, small black colored dots or rounded lesions over the scalp. These lesions may be reddish in color and may be inflamed causing symptoms of swelling and itching. In case of severe Tinea capitis the hair breaks and thus the scalp is left over with many bald patches on it due to the loss of hair.

    Treatment for Hair Loss Caused due to Tinea Capititis:

    Tinea capititis being a fungal disease it must require an appropriate antifungal remedy where the treatment must penetrate deep in to the hair follicle. The most common regimen comprises of prolonged dosing with Griseofuvin along with topical steroids so as to control the inflammation. Adjunctive topical antifungal therapy like shampoos containing pyrithione zine, ketocobazole or selenium sulfide etc can be used to decrease the number of viable fungi shed from the scalp that is infected by ringworm or Tinea capitits. This treatment not only helps the affected person to reduce the infection but also reduces the risk of transmission of the infection to other people.

  3. Hair Loss Caused due to Lichen Planus: Lichen planus is one more scalp condition believed to cause hair loss. However in this case there may be a permanent loss of hair in the affected person. Lichen planus is actually an inflammatory condition that primarily affects the mouth, skin or both. The exact cause for this diseased condition is not yet known, but as per the American Academy of Dermatology it is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s WBC or white blood cells to attack healthy skin and mucous membranes. In Lichen planus there may be symptoms of flat reddish or purple bumps which may be extremely itchy. In rare cases these bumps also grow on the scalp and are of specific type and known as Lichen planopilaris. This condition of Lichen Planopilaris can cause irritation on the scalp and also may cause a permanent hair loss.

    Treatment for Hair Loss Caused due to Lichen Planus:

    Lichen planus may require steriod medications that are to be rubbed on, taken orally or injected in the infected person. In fact this is the main treatment for Lichen planus. Benadryl and various other Antihistamines or soothing baths can aid in reducing the itching. In some cases Retinoid medications used to cure Acne, may also help in treating Lichen planus. Sometimes doctors may use ultraviolet light treatment known as PUVA or Psoralen plus UVA radiation to treat lichen planus which can cause hair loss. Antibiotic treatments are also prescribed for treating this scalp condition that causes hair loss.

  4. Hair Loss Caused due to Lichen Simplex: One chronic skin conditions that causes chronic itching is known as Lichen simplex. This condition begins as something that irritates the skin and compels the affected person to rub or scratch the itchy area. With repeated scratching the area becomes thicker and this may further lead the skin taking on a leathery appearance. Lichen simplex can occur on the skin of the scalp and cause skin lesions, plaques and darker areas on it. Sometimes the hair follicles on the scalp get irritated due to Lichen simplex or due to the scratching of the itchy area on the scalp. This may also lead to hair loss.

    Treatment for Hair Loss Caused due to Lichen Simplex:

    The treatment for Lichen simplex consists of topical steroids as they reduce inflammation and the itching sensation caused due to the condition. Apart from this, a topical or oral antibiotic can also be considered for infected lesions. Some other topical medications which are reported to be effective in reducing the infection include capsaicin cream and doxepin cream. In rare and severe cases of Lichen simplex which do not respond to steroid or other treatments, TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation may be used as a treatment strategy

  5. Hair Loss Caused Due to Psoriasis of the Scalp: One of the most known skin condition that causes scaling of the skin is known as Psoriasis. This can also affect the scalp where there is either a slight scaling or thick, crusted plaques occur over the scalp. The scaling has a powdery appearance and a silvery sheen and this distinguishes it from other skin conditions. It must be mentioned here that severe cases of psoriasis affecting the scalp can cause temporary hair loss. Once the condition is treated and is under control, hair starts growing up once again.

    Treatment for Hair Loss Caused due to Psoriasis:

    Psoriasis is often a life-long medical condition and can be difficult to treat. However common treatments for treating psoriasis that can affect the scalp and lead to hair loss include shampoos containing Keratolytics like Salicylic acid may be useful in the removal of built-up scales on the scalp. Other treatments for the condition include corticosteroids, Retinoid treatments, topical coal tar shampoo treatments and also light therapy.


Treatments for hair loss due to scalp conditions are based on treating the underlying causes or the scalp conditions causing the loss of hair. Treatments may include use of specific medicines to treat the infections, suppressing the inflammation etc, antibiotic treatments, ultraviolet light therapy etc. It must also be mentioned that proper hygiene, hygienic shaving can prevent some infections of the scalp which can cause hair loss.

Kindly note that in case of severe issues of hair loss or any of the scalp conditions causing itching, redness, swelling, lesions or hair breakage or hair loss; be very sure you reach an expert dermatologist for appropriate diagnosis on your condition and the most relevant treatments.

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