How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Well At Night?

Have you been wondering how to get baby to sleep well during the night? Are you one of those parents, who are trying hard to understand what keeps babies awake at night and the way newborn babies feel or react?

Babies, being oversensitive can react to any of the surroundings, to which the elders are often well-adjusted. Some of the reasons that babies stay awake or do not sleep well during the night include

  • Irregular Exposure to Light: Your baby’s biological clock may be different than that of the parents or any other adult. For this, your baby needs to go through natural exposure to sunlight and darkness in order to get used to regular time. Artificial lighting after sunset may cause sleep disturbances, which is one of the commonest causes of babies not sleeping well at night.
  • Over-stimulation Soon Before Bedtime: Over-stimulating your baby before bedtime can make falling asleep more difficult. Physical exercise, verbal interactions, or over stimulation of brain with noisy toys, can grab your baby’s attention and stimulate your baby’s brain enough to stop them from falling asleep. This factor is a common cause that affects newborn babies and they have difficulty in sleeping well during the night.
  • Intervention in Sleep: When your baby cries, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re needed to fix a major issue. Your baby can make noises when half-asleep, or even when in deep sleep. Talking, touching or holding the baby when not required can disrupt their sleep. Their sleep may be disturbed if they are hungry, feeling cold or have soiled their nappies. When attention is required like feeding or changing nappy, it may help to use dim lights and avoid any fuss.
  • Inconsistency of Approach: Looking after a baby can be really exhausting, and at times, frustrating as well. Due to this, many parents may begin alternating between differently intense approaches, depending on their own state. Similar thing can happen when caretakers attend the baby in shifts and practice different styles of caring for the baby. However, consistent approach and developing a routine with babies helps them to understand themselves better and sleep well during the night.
  • Mentally Stimulating the Baby: Stimulating the baby when trying to induce sleep can backfire and make the situation worse. Some babies may need company while sleeping but some may feel comfortable, sleeping alone with less stimulation. A quiet place with less people around surely helps to induce better sleep even in the newborn babies.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Well At Night?

How You Can Get Your Baby to Sleep Well At Night?

While it is hard to put babies to sleep, some identified factors can be corrected and following healthy sleeping habits can help newborn babies to sleep well during the night. Some methods can help to make the process simpler.

Some tips that can help include

  • Set up a Routine: Involve your baby in daily routines. Keep your babies active during daytime, and let them fall asleep when it’s night. Newborn babies need more rest, so make sure the daytime nap is taken in the afternoon and avoid sleeping in the evening. Setting up a specific routine will make it much easier for your babies to get the rest they need, and for you, to avoid any disturbances from them. Developing a regular play and sleep routine of your baby can help them to sleep well at night.
  • Allow Natural Sleep: Allow sufficient time for the baby to relax before falling asleep. It is important for parents to be patient and realistic. Even if your baby’s sleep routine is somewhat out-of-sync with the day, continue to work on it. Check what works best for your baby. Some babies feel relaxed after an evening massage or a warm bath. Mother’s touch may help; gentle patting, humming or lullabies can also help your baby to sleep well at night.
  • Practice Sleep Hygiene: Make sure your babies are well fed, has changed nappy and are set to go to bed. Putting on comfortable clothing or night wears is a good practice, which many babies enjoy and begin relating it to their night’s sleep. A clean home environment, temperature controlled room and a clean bed for babies are equally important to help them sleep well during the night.
  • Associate Activities to Sleeping: Associating certain activities to your baby’s sleep, like rocking your baby, taking a favorite night time blanket or playing a specific tune can ‘program’ your baby into falling asleep as soon as they recognize it.
  • Avoid Using Lights: Using too many lights in your baby’s room or turning them on while your baby sleeps will not help you out. Natural simulation with sunlight are enough for newborn babies to program the day and night rhythm. Use of artificial lights in the night can signal your baby’s brain that it’s ‘too early’ to sleep. Using dim lights in the room, if required can help to get your babies sleep well at night.
  • Do Not Induce Fears: Many parents feel this works, but it only results in damage. Babies may sense these are serious situations and develop a fear in their minds, which can be very harmful for their sleep and health. While it might get your baby to fall asleep (or learn to pretend to fall asleep), it will mostly result in failure and can cause emotional disturbances to your baby. Practicing natural and healthy ways of putting your baby to sleep with soothing songs, soft tunes or talks can help them better.

These are just a few ideas. Every baby is different and precious, so parents need to look out for what suits your baby the most and finds comfortable. With proper care and attention you can surely get your baby to sleep well at night.

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