Know the Causes of Temporary Impotence & Ways to Overcome it?

Impotence is defined as the inability to maintain erection until successful penetration till ejaculation. It is even termed as erectile dysfunction. This kind of disorder can be either temporary or chronic. In most of the cases, it has been witnessed that the temporary impotence occurs because of some of the basic factors like changes in lifestyle, medical problem and even because of certain physiological causes. It is termed as temporary, just because of the fact that once the cause is identified and treated, the person is able to perform sexual intercourse normally.

Causes of Temporary Impotence

What Causes Erection in Penis?

Erection in the penis basically occurs due to the blood flow into the blood veins of penis. This increased blood flow to the penis tissue, occurs in two situations i.e. when the penis is stimulated or there is arousal of senses.

Causes of Temporary Impotence

Once the stimulus is sent to the nerve complex, it increases the flow of blood to penis causing erection. However, when any of the two systems is disrupted, the penis is not able to get erected. Some of the causes of this failure have been listed below;

  1. Stress has turned out to be one of the major factors of this temporary impotence. Anxiety and stress are two factors, which can really drain out the concentration and energy within a person. This stress can be caused due to various factors like work or personal life.
  2. People who worry a lot about their performance can also go through the issue of temporary impotence. One of the most common causes of this is premature ejaculation. It often happens that the man is not able to maintain erection till the whole act is completed. This has turned out to be one of the major causes of temporary impotence.
  3. While worldwide, alcohol is known for provoking desire but it can do the other way round as well. It affects performance of an individual a lot and basically because of the fact that alcohol is a nervous system depressant. A state of mind is developed, which works opposite the arousal leading to impotence in an individual. One should also understand that frequent or excess consumption of alcohol can also lead to damage of liver and nervous system.
  4. Frequency of orgasms is another common cause of temporary impotence. For men who witness one or two orgasms within the gap of hours, are not able to achieve thorough erection. This is a temporary condition, and occurs with men who have frequent orgasms. Such men are not able to perform while getting intimate for the third time with their partner.
  5. The regular consumption of drugs and medications are also often considered to be the cause of temporary impotence. If a patient feels that his condition is because of the prescribed drugs, then it is advisable that he consults the doctor immediately. Drugs consumed for hypertension, depression and also heartburn might be causes of impotency within men.
  6. Smoking can also lead to impotency in the long run. Nicotine does have a bad effect on the vessels of penis. The vessels with time get restricted, thus leading to reduced flow of blood to penis causing problem in erection.
  7. Temporary impotence can also happen with a person who is suffering from illness like viral fever. In such cases, impotence exists for a shorter period of time till the man gets recovered from the condition of illness.
  8. While we talk about the use of protection like condoms, there are men who are not familiar of using them. By the time they manage to put on the condom, they tend to lose their erection. Such a situation often happens with younger individuals. For older men, it causes disruption in stimulation and sensation thus restricting erection to happen at its best.

Ways to Overcome Temporary Impotence

There are many ways in which one can overcome the problem of temporary impotence, out of which some of them have been listed below;

  1. Lifestyle: Making changes in your lifestyle can be a big step towards overcoming or getting rid of the problem of temporary impotence. It is important for an individual to maintain a good health and lifestyle, which can help man, have a good and long lasting erection. Individuals who are chain smokers or drinkers might suffer from the problem of temporary impotence. This is one of the main reasons individuals are suggested to change their lifestyle and thus opt for a better one.
  2. Healthy diet: Consuming a good and healthy diet is one of the most recommended things one can do. Concentrate on eating fruits and vegetables which have good amount of vitamins that play a vital role in maintaining good sexual health. Saturated fats like meat, butter, cheese, processed meat etc. should be avoided to enjoy good health and erection during intercourse.
  3. Consumption of Medications: If you are on certain drugs, then it is important that you consult your doctor to find out if these drugs are the reason behind impotence. Some of the medications have side effect and can thus cause you to suffer from the problem of temporary impotence.
  4. Regular Exercise: Undoubtedly exercise is a universal treatment of almost all the problems. Men can opt for swimming, running or other forms of exercise which can help them feel healthy and also lead to reduction of stress. Exercises which be chosen includes PC muscle exercise, pushups, and breathing exercises that relieves stress.
  5. Sexual intercourse: It is always advisable that one should do a sexual intercourse when he/she is full of energy and also have good amount of time to enjoy the special moment. The best time of having pleasurable time is start of the day, when you are full of energy and not at night when you are tired and almost out of energy.
  6. Yoga and Meditation: For individuals who crave to have erection for a long period of time, it is suggested that they should practice yoga and meditation. This can really help them improve their erection and also overcome temporary impotence issues. Some of the asana which can be embedded within regular routine are Ardha Ushtrasana, Udarakarshanasana, Hasta Pada Uttanasana, Ardhachandrasana etc.
  7. Talk it out with your partner: Life partners are partners in everything; hence it is important that you talk about your problem with her instead of hiding it. This will help you find cure of things much easily and will also release you from pressure which you have been dealing throughout. It is needless to say, that talking to each other can improve your state of mind and also performance during intercourse.

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