How to Improve Your End-of-Life Planning

We try to improve the quality of our lives the most we can, but in the end, death remains an irrefutable constant. When the time comes, we all wish for a peaceful departure. Staying in control to ensure a “good death” does not have to be hard.

How to Improve Your End-of-Life Planning
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Document Your Wishes

A crucial part of dying with dignity involves your last wishes being honored. However, death can come surprisingly in some instances, such as a fatal accident.

To make sure you have the final say over your life, you need to document your wishes while you live. Thinking ahead, you also need to take measures to establish that they reach the right people timely, so that they are fulfilled.

Let’s go through the information you will require and measures you can take to warrant that your decisions stay honored.

1. Know Your End-of-Life Care Options

Sometimes, death makes its presence tangible, letting everyone know it will arrive soon.

End-of-life care refers to the physical and medical care given during the time near death. Near the end, one can not guarantee a sound state of mind. Therefore, it becomes prudent to start planning for end-of-life care when one is still well and healthy. Beginning  work on a living will early on is the safest way. It will ensure your say in how your health is handled later on towards the end of your life.

By planning ahead, you can rest peacefully, knowing that your health will always be taken care of in the way you choose.

2. Start Working On Important Documents

Gathering your documents as you move on in life is necessary to make sure your loved ones can find them easily when the time comes.  Furthermore, a  will and a trust are necessary to ensure that your decisions regarding your estates stay honored. These will ensure no strife arises amongst your family, your heirs remain protected, and the inheritance process moves on smoothly. 

3. Know What You Want to Communicate

People often want to be able to control the impression they leave behind. They want to be able to help their loved ones get through the pain of their absence.

Through arranging and planning communication in case of your passing, you can help your loved ones get through their sorrow. By working on writing out messages and collecting memories, and arranging for them to be released on time through proper channels, you can make sure the bereaved remain cared for.

Let your loved ones get through memorable occasions through memorializing instead of mourning. The receipt of your messages can take the weight off their grief immensely.


The legacy planning industry has traditionally stayed highly expensive. Emily Cisek of The Postage stepped in to change that by normalizing end-of-life planning and making the process smooth, safe, and economical.

It is never too soon to ensure that your death passes with dignity and your decisions stay respected. Start planning to stay in control. We all deserve to be able to wrap up our lives sensitively and sensibly.

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