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8 Incredible Health Benefits of Aak

Aak plant or Calotropis gigantea is nature’s gift that grows anywhere on its own. In general, the plant is poisonous. However, the fruits, leaves, and flowers of this plant are highly beneficial and used to eliminate various health issues. Let us take a look below to know about some of the incredible health benefits of Aak.

8 Incredible Health Benefits of Aak

8 Incredible Health Benefits of Aak

Aak is a perennial shrub and the height of this plant goes up to 2.5 meters. The leaves of this plant are oval and flat while it bears white and blue flowers. This plant mostly grows on sandy land during hot summer days and dries during the rainy season.

The flower and milk of the Aak plant are used as medicine for treating several diseases and health problems. (1)

  1. Benefits of Aak For Asthma and Other Respiratory Disorders

    One of the major health benefits of aak is that its flower can reduce the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory disorders like cough and cold. You can get relief from many respiratory problems by consuming the dried flowers of Aak regularly.

    Simply dry the aak flowers and prepare a powder that has to be mixed with a little rock salt and consumed.

  2. Aak For Diabetes

    Aak can also be beneficial in managing diabetes. It is known to control the levels of blood sugar and aids in maintaining diabetes. A study that was published in the National Library of Medicine has also shown its effectiveness in treating diabetes. This is a common ingredient in various Ayurvedic products and herbal teas because of its hypoglycemic effect.

    The chloroform extracts from the leaves and flowers of aak or Calotropis gigantean have significant anti-diabetic activity. (2)

  3. Benefits of Aak in Treating Digestive Disorders

    For people complaining about digestive issues, Aak flowers can do wonders. These flowers are known to be beneficial in treating digestion and other problems related to digestion. Aak flowers can reduce problems related to bloating and excessive gas.

  4. Aak For Inflammation

    One more health benefit of Aak is that the leaves from this plant have been used in removing inflammation of the body since ancient times. Firstly, apply oil to the smooth surface of the aak leaves, heat them, and then apply to the affected region of your body. Using this for at least five days would help in reducing inflammation.

  5. Aak Can Be Beneficial in Treating Skin Diseases

    The milk from Aak plants is also known to have great benefits. Many skin problems can be relieved by using Aak. It has anti-fungal properties and can offer relief from ringworm infection, sores, and boils. Apart from this, skin rashes and blemishes can also be removed by using the milk of Aak.

  6. Aak For Liver Disorders

    Aak is beneficial in treating ascites and some other liver disorders. This also exhibits hepatoprotective property that eliminates damaged liver cells, while protecting the healthy cells.

  7. Aak For Animal Bites

    Aak can be useful in treating animal bites. This is because of its anti-poison effect, aak can be used to treat animal bites like the bites of the scorpion, snakes, and many insect bites.

  8. Other Incredible Health Benefits Of Aak:

    Below are some other incredible health benefits of aak:

Precautions That Should Be Maintained While Using Aak

The milk that drains from the leaves of the Aak plant is poisonous. So, do not let it enter your eyes, else it might damage your eyesight. Moreover taking more dosages of Aak can also cause serious complications. So, it should be used with appropriate concern and only after consulting with doctors or experienced practitioners of Ayurveda.

Final Words

Aak is a wonderful medicinal plant. However, its health benefits and uses are still not well known to the general mass. So, it is the right time to understand the potentiality of this plant and start using it for the betterment of our health. However, precautions should always be maintained before using it.

Live well, and stay safe!


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