Internet Gaming Disorder: Symptoms & Dangers

Internet games or online games are very popular activity all across the globe. Research studies have shown that about 160 million adults play internet games regularly alone in America. The games are very entertaining and very engaging. That has raised the question as to whether these internet games are a mental disorder or not.

The internet games are very addictive. However, if the addiction level is a matter of concern and makes the condition a mental disorder or not is subject to research and debate.

Internet Gaming Disorder

Symptoms of Internet Gaming Disorder

Whether addiction to playing internet games is a mental disorder or not, is based on some symptoms that are the subject of concern. These symptoms would include –

  • Being occupied with internet gaming all the time
  • Growing tolerance towards the gaming activity, which means, the need to spend more time playing
  • Not being able to quit playing
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, sadness and irritability when stopped from gaming
  • Losing interest in all the things that one had previously enjoyed
  • Considering and using internet gaming as a mean of relieving off negative moods like hopelessness and guilt
  • Continue gaming even when you have other problems in life to deal with
  • Losing jobs or giving up on relationships for the sake of gaming
  • Lying to others in the family or to friends about the time that is spent in internet gaming.

Research studies tell that if one conforms to 5 or more of these symptoms, he or she can be suffering from internet gaming disorder. However, only 0.3% to 1% of the general population has been found to have qualified for this disorder. On the contrary, 65% of the population does not conform to any of these symptoms at all.

The Danger of Internet Gaming Disorder

Though it is still not been confirmed as to whether internet gaming disorder is at all a mental disorder or not, this addiction is causing serious trouble in people’s lives. They are losing vital time for their academic career and jobs. Internet gaming disorder is most common in young males aged from 12 to 20. Staying away from and limiting this addiction from an early time is the best way to avoid internet gaming disorder.

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