15 Genuinely Dangerous Day to Day Things That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

It’s usually a taboo in a nation like ours to freely talk about sex. But what we have to understand is, it is one of the most important issues in a third world country like ours and needs proper enlightenment. Sexual drive is not something to cringe about or avoid during any conversation, it’s as important as any other health issues. Maintaining a healthy and happy sex life is very important as it affects our psychological being as well.

15 Genuinely Dangerous Day to Day Things That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

There are many reasons which affect a person’s sex life. It maybe physical, psychological and emotional as well:

  1. Lack of Sleep

    It is a very important issue in today’s world with the young generation. Lack of proper sleep affects the cortisol levels, which in turn affects the sexual drive. If we are not getting enough sleep we may feel tired throughout the day and the energy level is down after we come back home after the day’s work. We feel exhausted and rather prefer sleeping than having sex.

  2. Use of Smart Phones

    Excessive use of these affects the mind and does not let it function in a healthier way. The release of sex hormones is hindered by the use of smart phones. Laptops and any gadgets whatsoever spoil the attention that the partners share with each other. If your partner is busy replying to his boss’ mail and the better half is busy scrolling through memes all night, it is very natural that they will be distracted and hence their sex life will be at stake.

  3. Gadget’s in the Living Room

    Studies say that gadgets shouldn’t be in the bedroom, since the radiations affect our lungs and heart, which in turn is quite responsible for the hindrance in proper sex. Thus, the television and that favorite music player with woofers should find their place in the living room; else the choice you will have to make will be very indeed, between entertainment and sex.

  4. Unhealthy Lifestyle

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very happy in today’s world. Excessive consumption of junk food can be very hazardous, and affects the sex hormones like testosterones. The trans-fat that we can find in deep fried foods is known to drastically reduce the male libido. The adverse effect of eating food that contains these trans-fatty acids results in an increase in the quantity of abnormal sperm production in males.

  5. Unhealthy Weight

    Weight issues are extremely common these days. A proper weight according to age is significant. We all have an idea about the partners we want to have weight is not an issue as long as the person is healthy. But we cannot connect obesity resulting in heavy weight with being healthy. Therefore an obese person is more likely not to get a partner of their choice or even if they do it will be very difficult for such people to have sex, research shows. The level of testosterones is anyway lowered dramatically due to consumption of unhealthy food and obesity acts a fuel in reducing the libido.

  6. PCOS

    This gynecological issue is very common in today’s time and report says, mostly 80% women suffer from PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). A healthy gynecological life is extremely important for normal sex. Women with PCOS have increasing problems with sexual function. This is because the women become overweight and they suffer from excessive acne and breakouts or tremendous hair growth on the face or the body (hirsutism). Psychological factors in also contribute to a dysfunctional sex life which includes lowered level of well being or not being in the mood to have sex, reduced levels of self-esteem and self-confidence also the impact of being under a chronic condition. There remains a concern about lowering of the fertility level in some women with PCOS affect women and their families equally if the woman is trying to conceive.

  7. Depression

    It is a very common psychological problem which is very hazardous. It affects one’s mental health and demeans the power to be sexually active.

  8. Too Much Consumption of Medicines

    Excessive use of medicines can affect one’s health. Specifically the consumption without proper prescription can be very dangerous. It may not be correct all the time. It can affect the sex hormones, thus affecting the sexual drive.

  9. Stress

    Stress is a very common factor in today’s life. Youngsters to middle aged, all suffer from it. It affects the testosterone levels thus affecting the sex life.

  10. Asthma

    Sex is about as strenuous as walking rapidly. Therefore some people may suffer from shortness of breath when involved in a sexual activity. This is called “exercise-induced bronchospasm” which is basically sex induced.

  11. Thyroid

    This can significantly reduce the sex drive in people and especially post menstrual women. The hormones released by the thyroid gland plays with our urges for having sex or the other option. Depending whether the person is suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, the patient gains or loses weight and the sex drive affected accordingly.

  12. Unhealthy Heart

    A healthy heart is essentially required for an improved sex lie. This is because heart has the job of sending blood to the entire body and it the heart’s responsibility to pump the blood to be blood vessels present in the male genital area for proper erections to take place. Thus, a weak heart is not suitable for an important task.

  13. Smoking and Drinking

    These two are one of the root causes of an unhappy sex life. Smoking and drinking is fine to an extent until it affects the person to the level of spoiling the sex life. Besides filling the lungs with tar, these two practices reduces sensitivity of the reproductive organs and also reduces the ability to attain orgasm in both the genders, which is not very pleasurable.

  14. Unresolved Anger Prangs

    Besides physical reasons to fall out of the sex life you had dreamt of, psychological hindrances also play a major part, especially in long term relationships. Anger and displeasure can boil for days, weeks or months these feelings can stand as a wall between you and your partner in the bedroom. After removing external factors if you still cannot feel the love for your partner then it is better to resolve the matter which is keeping both the partners at a distance.

  15. Making Assumptions about the Partner

    At the end, the most important thing to remember is that, sex is not all about you. As much as it is about you, it is about your partner. It may not be you–it may be your partner that’s acting a certain way. Too often, instead of approaching the situation from a place of understanding, people make assumptions. The best kind of sex starts with much more than the physical requirement of the body—it starts with the psychology. Poor communication with your partner will definitely result in a disinterested sex, may be will just fulfill your lust but no feelings will be involved.

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