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Lifestyle Changes For Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder

Sexual addiction, also often described as obsessive sexual behavior, sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behavior disorder, is an illness that affects the victim turns out to be extremely obsessed with feelings or manners that give a wanted sexual impact.

A survey shows that almost 30 million people in the United States suffer from this condition. These victims generally become sexually aroused through objects or actions that are easily accessible to a sex addict.

Lifestyle Changes For Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder

Lifestyle Changes For Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder

The interminable phase of compulsive sexual behavior disorder can be prevented. A strong dedication is an initial prerequisite for transformation. Having the motivation to build and pursue all the way through on a healing plan is also vital. But what motivates a person to change?

Consider the dilemma of the individual who’s thinking to make a dedication to sex dependency recuperation. The pleasure they experience is not from sex, it’s from the urge of neurotransmitters that get discharged into the mind from the expectation and the routine practice included in sexual playing out.

To stay calm and control feelings of compulsive sexual behavior disorder, you need to discover how to reconstruct your lifestyle around revival, not fit recuperation into your lifestyle. In order to achieve this, certain drastic changes are required. However, this can be intimidating in the beginning, but there are simple and practice techniques with which you can foster your recovery.

Building And Maintaining Motivation- When you want to maintain motivation, surround yourself with people who are enthusiastic and positive as often as possible. Being around these individuals can stimulate yourself into a high state of enthusiasm. It’s crucial to build daily routines that will keep you inspired and moving forward

Coping With Urges- Habits and urges goes hand in hand. Three aspects help very much with urges and craving.

Decatastrophizing- It is a cognitive reorganization procedure to treat cognitive distortions, such as magnification and catastrophizing

Distracting- If an activity compulsively pulls you forward and makes you incapable of finishing your responsibilities, neglect your relationships you have to resolve by improving being mindful of one’s breath, meditating and distract your thoughts with other aspects.(3,4)

Managing Thoughts, Lusts And Behavior- compulsive sexual behavior disorder can be a highly dangerous and destructive condition when sex victims avoid or escape from addressing problems. Smart recovery facilitates individuals recuperate from all kinds of addiction. The victims find and develop the power within themselves to lead a fulfilling balanced life.

Regular Physical Exercises- Exercise offers many benefits during the recovery process of compulsive sexual behavior disorder. Exercise can be done in any form; it need not be complicated however it has to be continuous. A regular exercise routine can calm your mind and control your brain & body to lessen urges with increased results.

Adhering To A Balanced Lifestyle- In general, compulsive sexual behavior disorder can put your life out of balance. Therefore, you need to learn to take control of yourself to come out of this disorder with the help of short-term and long-term goals.(5)

Who Are At Risk Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder?

If you consider you or somebody you know may perhaps be experiencing this condition, it’s vital to be able to determine the warning signs and symptoms. The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health declares potential symptoms that might signify compulsive sexual behavior disorder involve cybersex, unsafe sex, incapable of resisting impulses, frequent nightstands with the prostitutes and a few others.

Studies indicate that middle-aged women using home workstations were more at risk for cyber sexual behavior disorder. Mental risk aspects of sexual addiction include hopelessness, fear, and fanatic-obsessive inclinations.(1,2)


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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