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What Are The First Symptoms Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder & How Do You Test For It?

Compulsive sexual behavior is a widespread, but rarely understood and usually stigmatized phenomenon. However, it is crucial that you embrace positive and practical approaches to help you manage your impulsive desires. It is experienced by individuals of all sexual characteristics and sexual preferences, and frequently encompasses a model of sexual obsessions and deeds with the following qualities:

  • The sexual fanatics will continue with their behaviors irrespective of the consequences
  • In the worst cases, there is an increased level of urges, intensity, and severity.
  • They have difficulties during rehabilitation and proceed with their preferences

One of the primary reasons for compulsive sexual behavior is impaired relationships. Compulsive sexual behaviors can determine the harmful and impractical prospects of what a rewarding sexual liaison should be. Nevertheless, at the same time, the deceit, confidentiality, and infringements of faith that arise with compulsive sexual behaviors may ruin confidence and intimate relationships.

What Are The First Symptoms Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder?

What Are The First Symptoms Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder?

Individuals with compulsive sexual behavior often will use sex as a way of getting away from other sensitive and mental challenges, including tension, nervousness, sadness, and social exclusion. When these sexual characteristics turn out to be a focal point in your lifetime, are challenging to manage, and are disturbing or detrimental to you or others, they may be contemplated as compulsive sexual behavior.

Does not matter what it’s described or the precise nature of the attitude, untreated compulsive sexual behavior can spoil your self-confidence, connections, profession, wellbeing and other persons. The diagnostic standards for sex addiction are generally fuzzy and subjective. Nevertheless, there are a few distinguishing characteristics common to individuals with sexual disorders. Let us see some of the symptoms of compulsive sexual behavior disorder:(1,2)

  • You have persistent and passionate sexual desires, urges and behaviors that take up a lot of your time and feel as if they’re beyond your control.
  • The individual encounters medically substantial intimate anguish or damage in societal, work-related or other vital zones of operation related to the incidence and occurrence of these sexual desires, lusts, and cravings.
  • Sexual behaviors will often be unacceptable and/or unsafe and perhaps comprise of the extravagant way in order to attract attention, sexual acts, sex with prostitutes, or routine appearance at sex leagues.
  • You feel motivated to do specific sexual activities, for a release of the stress subsequently, but also feel contrition or repentance.
  • This compulsive sexual behavior urges, and attitude is not due to explicit physical effects of medications or treatments, or to hysterical incidents.(3)

How Do You Test For Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder?

Realizing that you may have an obsession for sex can indeed be terrifying: You would like to understand what to be done, however concurrently, you’re frightened to discover to any further extent about yourself.

Several individuals pursue assistance for sexual behavior disorder when their life is in chaos. Their partner discovered about their various relationships, they failed in their careers for viewing pornography at work or have been caught for solicitation. The rest of those, though not in catastrophe, yet tired of living a double life, or simply want to make adjustments in their lifetime.(4)

To discover or gauge whether you suffer from sexual addiction, there are tests that have been designed to determine the presence of sex addiction.

This evaluation technique has been in practice since 1983 to help find out if sexual behavior disorder is a maniac problem. Created in collaboration with medical clinics, treatment programs, personal counselors and neighborhood groups, it offers assistance for the use of the PATHOS as a diagnosing tool to distinguish prospective sexual disorder situations in clinical backgrounds.(5,6)


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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