8 Miraculous Skin Health Benefits of Facial Steaming & Different Ways To Take Facial Steaming

These days, facial steaming is becoming very popular. Everyone is recommending it for enhancing beauty. Have you ever thought why facial steaming is ruling over beauty regime? What are the benefits of facial steaming? If you want to improve your skin health or if you want to get rid of your skin issues, then you should add a facial sauna or facial steaming in your skin care routine. This will improve your skin drastically and give you an amazing glow.

What is Facial Steaming?

Facial steaming is a process where you take steam to your face for a few minutes using a bowl of hot water or a facial steamer. Most of the people use a towel for covering their head and the steamer or bowl so that they can take maximum steam during the steaming process. Some people use a hot towel directly on their face, but it is not that much effective.

8 Miraculous Skin Benefits of Facial Steaming

8 Miraculous Skin Benefits of Facial Steaming

Mentioned below are 8 miraculous benefits of facial steaming for your skin:

#1. Facial Steaming Cleanses Your Skin Deeply

This is one of the most important advantages of face steaming. Facial steaming naturally and deeply cleanses your skin. The heat from the steam opens up the facial pores, thus it becomes easy for you to clean all the dirt and bacteria from your facial skin with the use of a scrub or a cleanser. Facial steaming also makes it easy to remove the dead cells from your skin.

#2. Facial Steaming Prevents Signs Of Aging

Facial steaming is very helpful in fighting back the signs of aging skin. It enhances the blood flow to your skin and thus your skin gets more oxygen and nutrients. Not only this, regular steaming to the face softens the layer of your dead skin after which you can remove them easily resulting in a smooth and clear skin. As a result of this benefit of facial steaming, your skin starts to look young and healthy.

#3. Facial Steaming Eliminates Toxins

We all know that toxins can harm our skin badly. If you ignore them, they will accumulate on your skin and damage it. To avoid this situation, it is necessary for you to remove them from your skin. Facial steaming can help you here. When you take a steam, your face starts sweating a lot and with this sweat, all the toxins come out of your skin. Hence, your face becomes free from toxins. This is one of the miraculous benefits of facial steaming for your skin.

#4. Steaming Prevents Acne

Acne occurs when your skin pores become clogged with oil, bacteria, dirt or dead skin cells. In some cases, the skin gets irritated and becomes infected with these blocked pores. Facial steaming is very helpful to get rid of acne. When you take a steam, your skin starts sweating because of the heat and as a result the pores of your skin open up completely. This helps in breaking away the stiff sebum of your pores and discharges all the bacteria and dirt that would have led to an acne breakout.

#5. Facial Steaming Helps To Get Rid Of Blackheads And Whiteheads

Your skin produces sebum which is natural oil that maintains the lubrication of your skin and protects it. But, sometimes this sebum accumulates inside your skin and results in a breakout which leads to the problem of blackheads and whiteheads. Removing these blackheads and whiteheads is a huge pain. You cannot get rid of them easily. But fortunately, there is an effective way to get rid of this problem and that is facial steaming. When you take steam, the pores of your facial skin start to unlock and the blackheads and whiteheads become softened and thus it becomes easier to remove them.

#6. Facial Steaming Prevents Dry Skin

Facial steaming makes your skin more absorbent of moisture by removing all the dirt, bacteria, or other obstacles from your skin. Now your skin becomes more capable to absorb your hydrating and nourishing beauty products deeply and these products help in fighting the dry skin.

Although, you should always remember that facial steam should not be taken too frequently or for a long period of time. Otherwise, your skin will become drier because of too much sweating. Those who steam their face regularly should avoid drinking alcohol, as it can reduce sweating. And, most importantly, drink a lot of water after your every steaming session. This will rehydrate your skin as well as your body.

#7. Facial Steaming Improves The Absorption Ability Of Your Skin

This is another miraculous advantage of facial steaming. If you add steaming in your regular skin care routine, your other treatments will become more effective. As it makes your skin clean from dirt or bacteria, exfoliates your dead skin cells, and helps to get rid of other obstructions that cover up your skin and hamper your beauty products to enter into it. This enhances the absorption capacity of your skin and you can use your beauty products successfully.

#8. Facial Steaming Helps To Relax

Facial steaming promotes relaxation because of the heat. Steam has a soothing effect on your body. You can add herbs or essential oils to the water to make it more effective for relaxation. This works as a natural aromatherapy, which you get at your home itself.

So, now you are aware of all the benefits of facial steaming, let’s move forward to know how you can do it at your home.

Different Ways To Take Facial Steaming at Home

If you want to steam your face, then there is no need to go anywhere. You can do it at your home very easily. There are three simple techniques of facial steaming:

  • A bowl of Warm water
  • Facial Steamer
  • Warm towels

Technique 1: Bowl of Warm Water

This is the most famous technique of facial steaming. You can use it without spending your money, as this way of facial steaming needs only a bowl and some hot water. You should start by taking some boiling water in a bowl. Wait a few minutes to cool it down slightly. Now take a towel and cover up your head and bowl with it, so that, you can take all the steam and your facial steam can absorb all the steam that comes out of the bowl of hot water.

Technique 2: Facial Steamer

If you want to steam your face with a facial steamer, you can buy it very easily from a beautician store or can order online. The advantages of using the facial steamer are almost same as the advantages of facial steaming with other techniques. Still, you can add some more to the list.

It is very easy to use these facial steamers and after use cleaning them is also very simple.

The most important advantage of using facial steamer is that they provide you the accurate amount of steam that your face really needs without damaging or burning your skin.

Facial steamers are also capable to create ultra-micronized steam drops, which penetrate your skin pores more effectively than others. In short, it can be said that facial steamers can give you the best results of your overall steaming process.

The other important advantage of these facial steamers is that they turn off automatically if the water chamber becomes empty. This means you don’t need to follow any time record.

The facial steamers can also be used as a humidifier in your room, as they can give adequate moisture to the environment.

If you want to get more benefits from your facial steamer, you can add essential oils to the water according to your skin type.

Thus, facial steamers are very convenient and worth investing.

Technique 3: Warm Towels

This technique is not that much popular, but it can steam your face. Using hot towels on your face carries the risk of bacteria entering into your face. To avoid this risk, always make sure that the towels which you are using to steam your face should be hygienic otherwise, there will be a risk of shifting the bacteria from the towel in your skin.

For this technique, take 2 hand towels and put them in hot water for a few seconds. Wring them out hard and place one hot towel on your face. Let it cool down slightly and take it off. Now use the second towel to clean the excess moisture of your face. Then apply a good moisturizer immediately while your skin is hot. In case of sensitive skin, this hot towel technique for facial steaming should be avoided.

How Often Do You Need To Steam Your Face?

It is advisable that you should steam your face only once in a week. If you think that your pores are clogged badly, you can do it twice a week; however, remember that it should be temporarily or until your pores open up. If you steam your face twice a week in the long run, it can lead to dry skin because of over sweating.

How Long Do You Need To Steam Your Face?

Oily Skin: Two times a week for about 15 minutes.

Dry Skin: Once in every 15 days for about 12 minutes.

Normal Skin: Once in a week for about 10 minutes

Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, you should consult with a dermatologist before steaming your face, as it can cause to irritation to your sensitive skin.

Which Essential Oils Should You Use for Facial Steaming?

If you want to make your facial steaming session more effective, you should add a few drops of essential oils to the water, which will be used in your facial steaming process. The essential oil you use will depend on what do you want to improve in your skin.

Mature or Dry Skin: Jasmine and rose essential oils are good for mature or dry skin as they both contain regenerative properties.

Acne: Tea tree and rosemary essential oils are good for getting rid of acne.

Sensitive Skin: Lavender and geranium are good essential oils for sensitive skin, as they contain soothing properties.

Note: Always remember that the essential oils which you are adding should not be much in quantity, as they are very powerful. Only 3 or 4 drops of essential oils are sufficient. Most of the people add too much essential oil that may harm your skin.

Last but not the least is that you can add tea to the water chamber instead of essential oils. It can make you relax. Not only this, tea is also very beneficial for your skin because of its antioxidant and skin nourishing properties. Especially, chamomile tea, that contains many beneficial qualities like anti-bacterial and anti-aging, while green tea is very effective for reducing the redness of the skin.

Steps to Facial Steaming

Now, if you have decided to add facial steaming in your regular skin care routine, then here are some steps below to do it in an effective manner. Let’s take a look at them.

Step 1: Cleanse your face properly before taking facial steam.

Step 2: Apply a hydrating serum on your face before steaming. Although, it is not necessary for normal or dry skin, but in case of sensitive skin, it is essential.

Note: Try not to apply any oily product on your face before steaming as it can make your facial steaming less effective.

Step 3: Enjoy your facial steaming for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 4: After steaming your face, use a scrub to exfoliate your dead skin. But, remember that you should do the scrubbing very gently as rough scrubbing can damage your skin.

Step 5: Prefer cold water for washing your face.

Step 6: After washing your face, immediately apply a gentle toner for closing your facial pores.

Step 7: Apply a good moisturizer for keeping your skin well hydrated.

Following the above steps will make your skin soft and radiant.

Important Instructions for Facial Steaming

  • Steam your face for about minimum 5 minutes to take all the benefits of facial steaming, but should not be more than 15 to 20 minutes, as too much steaming can make your skin dry.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water before and after steaming your face. It is very necessary, as too much sweating can make your skin as well as your body dehydrated.
  • Make sure that the distance between your face and the hot water is safe otherwise it can burn your skin severely or even can damage the capillaries under your skin.
  • If the tap water doesn’t suit your skin, use distilled or mineral water for filling the chamber of your facial steamer instead of tap water.
  • Facial steaming is not beneficial for all types of skin. If you have very sensitive skin or if your skin is suffering from rosacea or couperose, you should add a hydrating serum into the water chamber of the steamer, as it will protect your skin from any damage.
  • Always use a lightweight beauty product or water-based beauty gel before steaming. As oily and thick product can make your steaming process less effective.
  • Always keep your face steamer very clean and hygienic. You can use a solution to make it cleaner. This solution is made from 1-part bleach and 12-parts water. Now, clean its vaporizer with a sponge and wash thoroughly after that.
  • After facial steaming, make sure that you are not using any toxic or harmful product, as steaming enhances the absorbing capacity of your skin. Use only natural or high-quality beauty products for your skin after steaming.
  • The temperature of facial steaming should be about 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius.
  • If you have a problem in sleeping, add a few drops of lavender essential oils to the water of your steamer. It helps in giving you sound sleep.

Now, after knowing all these miraculous benefits of facial steaming with its techniques and processes, add this to your regular skin care routine and make your skin more amazing and beautiful than before.

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