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Should I Sleep With The Air Purifier On?

Purified air is a blessing in today’s world. Air purifiers are one of the measures to keep the air inside the house pure or clean. These devices have a positive impact on our sleep, health, and our overall lives or well-being. Many people have a query if they should sleep with the air purifier on? If you too have the same question, then you should take a look further and explore it.

Should I Sleep With The Air Purifier On?

Should I Sleep With The Air Purifier On?

As per the benefits that air purifiers present us, the answer to your question should be “Yes! You should sleep with the air purifier on.” The logic behind this is that once the windows and doors are closed and when the inside air is cleaned using an air purifier, it should remain clean; and this makes perfect sense. Let us read beyond this to get more support for our answer- “Yes, you should sleep with the air purifier on.”

Yes, You Should Sleep With The Air Purifier On

Sleep is pretty important to keeping good health. However, most adults do not receive the proper amount of sleep every night. It has been recommended by the National Sleep Foundation that adults should sleep 7-9 hours every day.(1)

Waking up all night, turning and tossing, or not feeling well-rested, are some signs of poor sleep. Sleep quality can be increased in many ways. One of those ways is to improve the air quality of the bedroom, which is possible by using an air purifier. So, it is right to say that you should sleep with the air purifier on.

Removes Contaminants And Promotes Breathing

There is a lot of research that has been conducted on the impact of air pollution in the home, and it has been found by experts that one of the best ideas is to minimize indoor pollution.(2) Indoor air pollution can result in lung and heart problems, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and also cause sleep apnea, resulting in interrupted sleep.

It has been recommended by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America/AAFA that keeping an air purifier on during bedtime can promote better breathing while sleeping.(3)

So, running the air purifier while you are sleeping could be a wonderful way to spend great quality sleep, since it removes contaminants, improves better breathing, and positively impacts your sleep.

Air Purifier Reduces Snoring

Snoring is quite common among most people and it can impact sleep quality. Snoring occurs when the flow of air via the mouth and nose gets blocked. Clean and fresh air can aid to keep these passages open, and also reduce snoring. Air purifiers can clean the air particles and this can also help in massively reducing snoring. So, you should sleep with the air purifier on.

Air Purifier Reduces Allergens

Allergies can be triggered by indoor allergens, which can ultimately result in a lot of health issues that might impact sleep. Coughing, frequent sneezing, watery eyes, congestion, and sore throat are common symptoms of allergy that can keep you awake all night.

It is estimated that 40% of Americans suffer from allergies.(4) it is also found that individuals having allergies are also more than twice as likely to struggle to fall asleep than those without allergies.(5)

Using an air purifier with HEPA filtration can remove allergens from the air. So, you should sleep with the air purifier on.


Now that we are aware that when we sleep with the air purifier on, the air inside the room remains clean, which in turn helps in improving breathing, and sleep conditions too, it is clear that you should sleep with the air purifier on at all times so that it cleans the air as much as possible.


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