The Impact of Cannabis on Our Communities and Our Environment

Cannabis cultivation and processing are growing fast in the last couple of years. The reason why this happens is quite simple when you know just how the need for these products has risen. Many states have legalized cannabis both for medical and recreational purposes.

The Impact of Cannabis on Our Communities and Our Environment
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Furthermore, many countries from all over the globe have done the same. So, nobody should be surprised by the massive jump this industry has experienced in the last decade. But, at the same time, companies need to follow industry standards.

It is the only way to provide the market with the highest possible quality. But there is one subject many don’t pay attention to these days, what is the impact of cannabis on the environment and communities? Let’s find out.

The Effect on Society: Both Sides of the Coin

The Effect on Society: Both Sides of the Coin
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Consuming cannabis is no longer a taboo, which was the case just a couple of decades ago. If you look at polls, you will see that only one in ten US adults says cannabis shouldn’t be legalised. It is a massive improvement from the results we could see in the past. 

Not only that people have a more favourable approach to cannabis these days, but people also tend to know more about it.So many studies are conducted on the plant these days, and these studies legitimately got enough media coverage.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, especially since people have discovered all the medical benefits they can reap from consuming cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Plus, something new is dug up now and then.

So, seeing that more people are interested in it is not a surprise. But as with practically anything in the world, there are two sides to the story of how cannabis influences society.

The Positive Effects

Naturally, the positive side mainly addresses the health benefits this plant provides to people. For instance, people who consume cannabis reasonably are in a much better mood than those who don’t. Numerous studies have shown how impactful cannabis is on an individual’s mood. But it also helps with treating mental health conditions such as depression.

Furthermore, it helps people with overcoming numerous conditions. But, of course, consuming medical cannabis is possible only through obtaining a cannabis card. Without any doubt, it is essential to consult with a physician before deciding to buy cannabis-infused products. Using them on your own for medical purposes comes with many risks.

The Negative Effects

When it comes to the negative effects, they are mainly social. Over the years, scientists have accumulated significant evidence suggesting that cannabis smokers usually have poorer educational outcomes.

Conversely, smoking marijuana is usually affiliated with lower classes of society, like individuals with lower educational and lower income levels. That doesn’t have much to do with consuming others forms of marijuana, like edibles or CBD oil.

However, we can see that some scepticism still exists toward these products. So, it would take many years before the mindset would set in completely. When that happens, people will be more open to consuming these products.

Cannabis Effects on the Environment

Cannabis Effects on the Environment
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Cannabis is not only a rising star in the healthcare industry, but we can also see that it will have a much bigger role in the environment. Of course, we are talking about a plant that has been a part of nature for millennia, and it is only natural to presume that it has some environmental benefits.

Many of them will be of much help in the future with humanity’s struggle with environmental problems. However, it is important to point out that there are some side effects. Still, it is important to say that these side effects do not come just from planting cannabis plants.

Instead, they are a product of not planning the planting process properly. We will discuss the positive and potential side effects in greater detail.

What is Positive About It?

Soil contamination is among the biggest environmental issues we are facing today. Using fertilizers, pesticides, and numerous other chemicals has made the soil unsafe to use in certain parts of the world.

Furthermore, we can all agree that pollutants and heavy metals from factories also significantly contribute to soil contamination. In the last couple of years, we can see the awareness about how helpful cannabis can be with decontamination.

We are talking about the procedure known as phytoremediation. The term was coined back in the eighties after the Chornobyl disaster. Scientists have used the plant to reduce the toxicity of the soil in the area that got struck by this disaster. The method proved itself successful.

What are the Side-Effects?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to cannabis cultivation is waste management. The regulation regarding producing these products is not detailed enough in many parts of the world. The manufacturing process is quite similar to many similar processes, no matter the industry, and a lot of waste can result.

Furthermore, it can have some habitat impacts, but further research is required. But we know for certain that it can damage wildlife since many animal species do not reside near the places where cannabis is cultivated on a massive scale.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis cultivation and consumption impact a wide array of fields, both when we talk about communities and the environment. Here, you can see all the relevant information regarding these influences.

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