8 Top Kid-Friendly Apps for Health and Nutrition Education

Teaching your children about nutrition and healthy eating is invaluable. Childhood obesity rates are alarmingly rising worldwide, with the US witnessing a threefold increase since the 1970s. Shockingly, one in five school children aged 6 to 19 are now considered obese. Introducing kids to nutrition early on can counteract this societal trend.

Children are not very good at keeping focus, so it can be difficult for them to learn something important. But you can interestingly bring important lessons, so they will be remembered better and attract more attention. We will focus on apps for eating healthy and your child’s overall well-being.

1. My Food-Nutrition for Kids

My Food-Nutrition for Kids is an exceptional, interactive, and educational tool designed for elementary school children. With six main sections, kids can engage in guessing games about potted vegetables, create healthy meals by selecting ingredients, and more. Nutritional insights appear during and between exercises. The app also features a variety of characters that promote acceptance of all ethnicities. Additionally, a handbook is available for parents or teachers to download and use alongside the app. My Food-Nutrition for Kids can be accessed on iPhone and iPad for an enriching experience.

2. Fitness for Kids

Children can get excited about fitness by making it an enjoyable experience. They can embark on a fun fitness journey alongside Lisa and Tom, guided through the Fitness for Kids app.

This app caters to children aged two and up. There are alternative workout classes suitable for the entire family. As kids progress, they can unlock a variety of cute animals, providing motivation.

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3. Nicholas’ Garden

This app goes beyond basic nutrition education for kids by teaching them about cooking processes and shopping. Making healthier choices in our consumer-driven world is a crucial skill that children can develop through this engaging application. After playing a few games in Nicholas’ Garden, be prepared for your child to keep a watchful eye on the items you put in the grocery store shopping cart.

4. Finch

Kids can now experience the joy of caring for an adorable virtual pet bird through the self-care pet app called Finch! With Finch, children take on the responsibility of naming and tending to their tiny pet bird, while also learning to care for themselves. Their journey begins by setting a simple daily goal, which gradually expands to include various timers, soundscapes, breathwork exercises, quizzes, and more engaging activities.

5. Aumio

Immerse yourselves in the Aumio app, brimming with a plethora of tranquil stories, meditations, soundscapes, and voyages.

Together, you’ll peacefully drift away, captivated by age-appropriate tales tailored to your little one. During the day, empower them to explore the app’s insights into common emotions like stress, worry, and anger. Furthermore, effortlessly access your favorite sessions with just a tap, ensuring convenience for your next encounter.

6. Fooducate

Children are initially drawn to mobile apps by observing adults using them. However, their engagement does not necessarily rely on excessive visual elements. Instead, they prefer feeling more grown-up while using an app. This is where Fooducate steps in. Although this app was primarily designed for advanced users, it also appeals to older children (6+) due to its QR code scanning technology. Allow your child to take charge during your next grocery store visit by letting them scan the barcodes of labeled items. The app provides a more accurate nutritional breakdown of the products, along with recommendations for healthier alternatives. Your children will undoubtedly feel empowered when equipped with the Fooducate app.

7. Little Lunches

Meal planning can aid children and the entire family in enhancing their food selections. The Little Lunches meal-planning app constructs a personalized weekly meal plan based on your family’s dietary constraints and the available food items in your fridge or pantry.

Furthermore, the Little Lunches app is perfect for effortlessly finding prompt and nutritious lunch box recipes for your kids. Utilize the search feature to efficiently filter through dishes and add them to either your meal plan or your quick checkout grocery list.

8. Huckleberry

The Huckleberry app serves as a versatile tool for monitoring the progress of newborns, babies, as well as older children. Users can create separate profiles for each child and customize the tracked categories based on their age.

While diaper changes, pumping, and bottle feeding may not be relevant for older children, Huckleberry allows comprehensive tracking of sleep, medication, growth, temperature, and screen time.


With the aid of mobile apps, promoting healthy habits for your child becomes easier! These apps transform health and wellness into entertaining activities. In this form, it is easier for children to understand the intricacies of a healthy diet and a proper lifestyle.

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