Types of Body Implants|Silicon and Metal Body Modification Implants

Body implants have come up as a great way to enhance your appearance but it may also make you look quite different from the crowd. So, make sure that you are ready for the experiment to be done more so on a permanent basis and get the right information about it.

There are several body implants types that can help you achieve your desired look. The types of the implants include silicon and metal types. It is necessary to know about the types of body implant and the most popular types like silicon and metal body implantation. You also need to check out for the best options that are available to help you achieve the perfect look.

Types of Body Implant

Types of Body Implant

An implant is basically a device that is put under the skin to give it a more fashionable look. The purpose of getting these types of body implants is purely for its cosmetic value and for gaining a more decorative look. The main types of body implant types include

  • Subdermal
  • Transdermal

In subdermal body implants, implantation is beneath the skin, which is not that invasive. This is more of an aesthetic art which is used to enhance your beauty. In transdermal body implants, the implants are done across the skin for a more prolonged look inside the skin. These type of implants give a more spread out look to add to your appearance but special care needs to be taken, so that they are safely implanted in your skin.

Silicon and Metal Body Modification Implants

There are many ways in which the silicon body modification implants are being done in body. As these trends are new, few people who want to look a bit unconventional, are seen opting for it. As regards silicon body implants, the options are promising and you will be elated to find out the outcomes that can help a lot in making you look different and unique. However, it is necessary to understand the way in which they are done and the safety concerns related to it.

With the help of the metal body modification implants a different look can be achieved. Tattoos and body piercing is also another way of body modification. Scarification is also a better option though there are not so many people who are opting for this art as it involves burning up the skin and then creating the design.

There are many types of the body implants that you can check out for:

  • Magnetic Implants – This type of body implant is considered the best way to enhance looks. In this body implant type, a magnet is put inside the skin and to the outer of the skin the magnet is attached. This creates a look that appears to be out of the world.
  • Eye Implants – Eye implants can be risky and many countries do not allow these type of implants. Most people get these implants done by travelling to other foreign countries, where it is permitted.
  • Subdermal Implants – This form is meant to give a raised appearance to the skin and in this a silicon material is generally embedded beneath the skin. It gives the body a 3D art that is much different from the other forms of body implants.
  • Micro-dermal Implants – These body implant types are a better option for those who do not want to have surface piercing done.
  • Transdermal Implants – This body implant must be done by the medical practitioner who also knows the pros and cons of the piercing. In this implant, the studs-pins are being embedded deep in to the tissue to which the studs are attached. While they look simply amazing, it is equally risky and must be done very carefully. Hence, it is not allowed in many nations.

Many people also go for the body modifications that includes the tongue splitting and genital modification as well.

The types of body implants are surely going to make you appear different from others and if you are a fashionable person then you may appreciate this art. You need to know the best implants that are available and the side effects as well. It is essential to enquire about the exact procedure of each type, the recovery time and healing period to achieve the desired look.

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