Home and Natural Remedies for Gastric Ulcer

There are several home and natural remedies with which one can ease the discomfort of gastric ulcer. Let us see them in details.

Home and Natural Remedies for Gastric Ulcer

Home and Natural Remedies for Gastric Ulcer

Though quick relief can be obtained from medicinal support, it is quite useful that you follow the home and natural remedies to treat gastric ulcer permanently. It is a condition that can lead to other serious complications including internal bleeding. Hence, treatment should not be delayed. However, along with the strong antibiotics and other medicines, which are prescribed to neutralize the acid production in the stomach as well as to block its impact and reduce the pain, some home remedies must also be practiced to accelerate the healing process of gastric ulcer.

  • Cabbage Juice: The most common and fastest working home and natural remedy for treating gastric ulcer is to consume raw cabbage juice. This contains a special amino acid that can increase the blood flow to the stomach lining and thereby, heal the ulcer by strengthening the stomach lining. Sometimes, punching carrot juice with cabbage juice can be of additional help in treating gastric ulcer.
  • Fenugreek Leaves: The fenugreek leaves contain a good deal of mucilaginous substance in them, which can heal the stomach ulcer by coating and protecting the stomach lining from the ulcer in a natural way. For that the fenugreek leaves should be brewed at first. The water of the boiled fenugreek leaves should be consumed with a pinch of salt, once or twice daily.
  • Honey as a Home and Natural Remedy for Gastric Ulcer: Honey is one of those natural food ingredients that come with numerous health beneficial properties. In case of treating gastric ulcer, it can strengthen the lining of the stomach and fight with the bacterial growth. It can also reduce the inflammation and thereby, the pain can be lessened. A spoonful of honey can be consumed raw every day or it can be incorporated into the regular meals by spreading over bread.
  • Healing Gastric Ulcer Naturally with Coconut: One of the most prominent reasons behind gastric ulcers is bacterial infection in the stomach. Hence, coconut plays an important role in treating it naturally, as it contains antibacterial properties. For that –
    • You can drink the water of a tender coconut.
    • Drink a glass or a few cups of coconut milk daily.
    • Drink a tablespoon of coconut oil twice a day.

Coconut oil can be easily digested as it contains medium-chain fatty acids. However, all these home remedies of coconut must be continued for at least a week for positive results.

  • Banana: The easiest home and natural remedy for gastric ulcer and the most commonly available fruit in every household is a banana. This common fruit can effectively neutralize the hyperactivity of the gastric ulcers and reduce the acidity of the gastric juices. For that you can eat a raw banana every day or even mix it with a milkshake. If the flavour of raw banana doesn’t suit your taste buds, you can cut it thinly and dry it in the sun. The powder of the dried banana chips can be added to a tablespoon of honey and then consumed.
  • Garlic: In killing harmful bacteria that work internally within the human body, nothing works better than garlic. One or two cloves of raw garlic during your meals will have miraculous results in treating gastric ulcers naturally. If you cannot eat garlic raw due to the pungent smell, you can choose the natural garlic pills that are easily available with the chemists. This can reduce the stomach inflammation to a great extent.
  • Cayenne Pepper as a Home and Natural Remedy for Gastric Ulcer: Though pepper and chillies are believed to boost ulcers, cayenne pepper, quite surprisingly reduces the inflammation and treats the gastric ulcer. Research studies show that the ingredient called capsaicin that is present in cayenne pepper in quite a good quantity and helps in stomach in the following ways–
    • Increases gastric mucosal blood flow
    • Boosts secretion of mucus
    • Increases alkali production
    • Reduces the production of gastric acids.

Thus, the gastric ulcer is healed and treated faster with this simple home and natural remedy. A pinch of cayenne pepper can be added to the savoury dishes such as soups and meats. A little of this can be added to a glass of warm water for consumption. You can also purchase the cayenne pepper capsules.

  • Licorice: Yet another natural ingredient that is found to treat gastric ulcer through easy home remedies is licorice. It increases the mucus production in the stomach and thereby, the stomach lining strengthens and heals faster. To use this simple and natural home remedy for treating gastric ulcer, take half a teaspoon of licorice powder and add it to a cup of water and leave it overnight. The next morning, a cup of cooked broken rice should be added to this. The broken rice is a particular kind of white rice that is broken during the milling process and not after cooking. This infusion should be eaten once daily, for about a week. Otherwise, you can also drink licorice tea for a week, twice or thrice a day.
  • Treating Gastric Ulcers Naturally with Berries: In preventing bacteria in the digestive and urinary tract as well as in assisting the digestion process, the berries play a huge role. Cranberry, blueberry, Indian gooseberry, black olives etc. can be eaten in the form of juices or incorporated into regular fruit habits.
  • Cucumber: The soothing and cleansing property of cucumber needs no special mention. Not only can it yield a cool and soothing effect in the stomach, but it can also reduce the inflammation, burning sensation and cleanse the body of the toxins. It can be eaten raw or even ground to make juice.
  • Green Vegetables: Green vegetables like spinach, kale etc. is very useful in preventing gastric ulcer and treating gastric ulcer as they are highly alkaline in nature. They reduce the acidity in the stomach.
  • Milk: A moderate cup of milk, during the initial ulcer period, is helpful in creating a protective coat on the stomach lining. However, it should not be continued for long as prolonged milk intake may worsen ulcers.

Foods to Avoid for Gastric Ulcer

  • Any kind of spicy food that can irritate the gastric ulcer should be avoided.
  • Oily foods increase the acid secretion from the stomach. Hence, these should be avoided for gastric ulcer.
  • Coffee, tea and alcohol as well as other caffeinated beverages may trigger or even worsen gastric ulcers.
  • Excessive consumption of sugary foods can worsen gastric ulcers and feed bad bacteria.
  • Any kind of citrus food should be avoided if you are suffering from ulcer. This is because citrus foods increase acidity and worsen the gastric ulcer problems.
  • Chillies and hot peppers must be avoided.
  • Aerated and carbonated drinks.
  • Deep fried foods.
  • Red meats or salty meats or processed meats should be avoided.

Diet for Gastric Ulcer

Though what should be eaten and what should not be eaten is already mentioned, here is a diet that gastric ulcer sufferers can follow:

  • Breakfast: Whole wheat or multigrain bread with honey spread.
  • Afternoon: A banana or some fresh non-citrus fruit.
  • Lunch: A cup of vegetables like cabbage, spinach, kale etc. and whole wheat bread or brown rice along with lean meat.
  • Evening: Chamomile tea or licorice tea with whole wheat bread toast.
  • Dinner: Beans or lean meat such as poultry chicken or turkey, cooked in canola or olive oil or even coconut oil along with bread or brown rice.

Along with this diet, the other home remedies and natural food ingredients that can reduce gastric ulcer must also be continued. This will make sure that the problem is treated fast.

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