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11 Ways Green Living Can Make You Healthier

“Living a green life is way beyond just existence.” Green living gets the brightest chance to live healthier and happier. It has always been in news since olden times that going green can help people remain healthy. However, still, people are attracted to an unhealthy consumerist lifestyle and ultimately complain about their bad health. However, if you want to live healthily and enjoy the bliss of your life, then prefer green living. Read further and explore the 11 ways green living can make you healthier.

11 Ways Green Living Can Make You Healthier

11 Ways Green Living Can Make You Healthier

Though there are limited studies, research has suggested that greenness can protect mental health, cardiovascular diseases, and mortality.(1) Let us take a deeper look at the 11 ways green living makes you healthier.

  1. Green Living Reduces the Risk of Developing Stress-Related or Neurotic Disorders

    Children who are exposed to green spaces can get adjusted to sustainable living and have reduced chances of developing psychiatric disorders. Even stress-related issues can be reduced if children and adults are set in an environment that is quite open and green. Concentration develops in such conditions and stress management abilities develop well.

  2. General Mental Wellbeing Is Improved With Green Living:

    Individuals taking part in a community task where all are passionately working for the betterment of the Earth and promoting healthy and green living, get more chances to develop a better sense of mental wellbeing. This develops a sense of belonging and also gets you a life-transforming experience.

  3. Green Living Helps In Improving Sleep Quality:

    Sleep is one of the most essential things to stay healthy. When the sleep quality is improved, everything in life seems to go great. Green living can promote healthy sleep quality. With green living, we start consuming organic foods, get rid of addictive electronic devices and promote green spaces, so this will ultimately help us enjoy a good night’s rest and make us feel great once we wake up.

  4. By Practising Green Living, You Can Breathe Cleaner Air:

    One of the best ways that green living can make you healthier is that you get a chance to breathe cleaner air. For getting a green environment that could give you clean and fresh air, you should plant more trees around you. This would ensure that refreshing oxygen-rich air reaches you.

  5. Green Living Is Beneficial For Heart Health:

    Green living can also improve heart health. Some of the air particles that are borne from pollution caused by fossil fuels can cause heart diseases. However, reducing pollution with green energy practices can help in improving heart health.

  6. Green Living Can Reduce Infections:

    Green living is also beneficial in reducing infections. Most infections are often caused by harmful chemicals found in the surroundings. Sometimes, these harmful chemicals can even be fatal. However, by adopting a green lifestyle, we give more chances for removing these toxins from our atmosphere and thus help in diminishing the risk of various infectious diseases like respiratory and heart illnesses, which are usually caused by contaminated foods.

  7. The Functioning Of The Immune System Is Improved:

    One of the best ways green living can make you healthier is that it helps in improving the functioning of our immune system.

    According to research conducted by the University of Illinois, evidence has been found that spending time in nature can protect against several diseases like diabetes, depression, ADHD, obesity, and cancers. Though it has remained a mystery how exposure to green living has led to better health; it is believed that this could be because of the enhanced functioning of the immune system.

  8. There Is An Increased Feeling Of Happiness With Green Living:

    Happiness is the key to a healthy life. One of the best means through which one can attain an increased feeling of happiness is by adopting green living. Living in a green environment with purified air can help in relieving stress and improve mental well-being and also make us feel happier.

  9. You Can Get A Better Looking Skin By Practicing Green Living

    A better-looking skin is achieved by practicing green living. Most chemical-filled lotions, creams, and even soaps and shampoos can be toxic to the skin and scalp cells.

    However, using organic or green products can prevent inflammation, irritation, and frequent breakouts, and give clean and clear skin.

  10. Green Living Facilitates You To Become More Active

    Another way in which green living can make you healthier is that it facilitates you to turn more active, which can ultimately help in reducing excess of weight and bring you in the correct shape. When we practice green living, we mostly try to avoid driving a motorbike or car instead use our feet wherever possible, which can provide a surplus of exercise to the boy and can help in becoming more active.

    However, we would point out that it has been found that higher levels of green space were associated with less physical activities and increased obesity/overweight in men, but reduced obesity/overweight in women.(2)

  11. Green Living Helps In Increasing Longevity:

    We need not ignore the fact that green living can also help in increasing longevity. When we start eating green vegetables and avoid ditching red meat, we give a boost to our cardiovascular health and reduce the chances of getting heart attack, cholesterol, diabetes, and several other life-threatening diseases; thus adding more days to our life.


By now, you must be aware of 11 ways green living can make you healthier. If you want to see a better and healthier YOU, then try adopting green living and experience the magic of healthy and fresh living.


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