When Should You Use A Neck Brace?

A neck brace, also known as neck collar or cervical collars, are the medical devices used to immobilize the head and neck. Neck braces are commonly used to relieve neck pain, aid in healing after neck surgery and to prevent any further injury after an accident. Let us take a look on some of the conditions when you should use a neck brace.

When Should You Use A Neck Brace?

When Should You Use A Neck Brace?

You Should Use A Neck Brace In case Of Traumatic Head Or Neck Injuries:

A neck brace is primarily applied after a serious neck or head injury. Using this, helps in stabilizing the injured person’s cervical area, like the skull and spinal cord; thus preventing further injury. A neck brace is also beneficial in reducing the possibility of paralysis, spinal damage or even death.

Neck Brace Should Be Used For Quick Recovery:

A neck brace is also used during the recovery period, while recovering from traumatic neck or head injuries and also after spinal surgery. This immobilizes the injured areas and releases stress off that particular part of the body. Usually doctors advise patients to wear these neck braces until the healing process or treatment ends.

Cervical Radiculopathy Is a Condition Where A Neck Brace Can Be Used:

Cervical radiculopathy is another condition that requires using a neck brace. Disc herniation, tumors and other traumas can result in nerve damage that causes cervical radiculopathy. Though earlier surgery was required to correct this condition, now physicians advice the use of neck brace, along with exercise and rest, to treat the condition.

Whiplash and Therapeutic Usage Of A Neck Brace:

Neck braces are frequently used for treating neck and spinal medical conditions, including whiplash, sprains and spinal cord alignment. Whiplash generally results when spinal tissues are injured severely. Such a condition is basically treated with a soft neck brace or soft collar. Apart from using a neck brace, patient with whiplash requires physical therapy and exercises, that would accelerate the healing process.

Neck Brace To Be Used For Neck Pain:

Neck pain is one more condition that might require using a neck brace. You must consult with your physician before opting for any kind of brace.


It must be made aware that, though a neck brace can be beneficial in easing symptoms of several neck problems, it is only a temporary solution to help your neck relieve and heal neck pain. You must have the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for your condition after visiting your physician. Moreover, if you are using a neck brace, you must make sure that you have worn the brace properly so as to get the maximum benefit.

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