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Can One Improve Frown Lines with Facial Exercises?

The process of aging often makes your skin drier and thinner. It soon loses the elasticity that was once the characteristic feature of your youthful supple skin. Additionally, the facial expressions that we exhibit naturally regularly like glaring, squinting, glowering, frowning, grimacing and scowling takes a toll on our skin tones. With the progress of time, all these factors combine to create furrows and wrinkles on our faces. Together they are known as facial frown lines that come together to make us look older and less attractive. In the recent times, skin specialists often talk about facial exercises that is believed to control the formation of these frown lines. Let us look in details as to whether the facial exercises do help in improving the frown lines or not.

Can One Improve Frown Lines with Facial Exercises?

It has been suggested that a beautiful, taut, and glowing skin is the best beauty element that you can have. With such a skin, half the battle of looking good is already won. This is why most people who are eager to put up an attractive image spare detailed attention to keep their skin healthy and radiant. However, this is a task easier proposed than carried out. Thousands of beauty products have been introduced in the market claiming to be the best skincare products of the era. None of them have been fruitful for every type of skin problem. Additionally, several invasive skin treatments have surfaced like the laser treatments, injections etc. that aim to capture the youth of human skin. It is in this perspective that several facial massages like cupping therapy are found to be effective measures that increase the blood circulation and hence can fight natural aging.(1)

Facial Exercises – Not All That A Good Idea!

Contradicting the idea, there are certain medical experts like Gary Goldenberg, M.D., Director of Dermatology Faculty Practice in the Icahn School of Medicine, opines that the idea of facial exercises can prove to be rather detrimental in controlling the natural process of aging. He has explained that regularly conducted facial exercises can actually increase the rate of aging and can increase already existing or forming wrinkles and fine skin lines of our faces. Goldenberg has further opined that even if the facial exercise does exhibit some initial results, it will be due to the muscle hypertrophy. However, these results will be temporary and will not last for very long.(2)

Facial Exercises – A Great Remedy For Skin Aging If Done Right!

In contrast to the gloomy opinions held in the perspective of the role of facial exercises to reduce facial wrinkles, researchers and dermatologists say that facial exercise can be a great way of controlling facial wrinkles and fine lines, if done correctly.

Researchers explained that our skin has several muscles attached to it which are getting pulled in several directions throughout the day. Regularly people tend to have rather poor facial postures like pursing of lips, frowning and furrowing our brows, etc. As a result of these actions, we often end up strengthening only those muscles which pull our face inward and neglect those muscles that pull our face upward. Now the neglected facial muscles that pull our faces upwards basically provides a facelift. To work with them, certain basic facial exercises can prove to be very helpful. A simple exercise which can be done regularly without much hassle is that the facial expression or exercise when you are about to laugh out loud or simply smile but you do not do so at the end is a fine way of providing an exercise that uplifts your face. This status influences the muscles around your ears and also your eyebrows and pulls your skin back. This action counters the action of those muscles that had been pulled down and were so far contributing to making you look older.

It is also stated that some facial exercises can stimulate the production of collagen, although more studies and investigations are being carried out in this context. He has however cautioned against the repeated muscle contraction of certain kinds like smiling, frowning, and clenching teeth. These are the exercises that can cause a contraction in the region of just beneath the skin.(3)

Dermatologists of the current times have come up with the idea that the best way to control facial wrinkles is to find the most relaxed posture of your face. This is the posture in which we happen to be when we are sleeping or relaxing. With a little practice, we should be able to master this posture or facial expression and maintain it throughout the day. This is a simple and a rather logical way through which we can control facial skin aging and can keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay.(3)


To sum up the discussion, it can be said that aging of the skin is a natural and inevitable process. This is a process that cannot be stopped altogether no matter what steps of remedy you adopt. Along with the application of facial creams and other cosmetic products, invasive treatments like laser therapies, injections, etc. the various facial exercises are a genre of muscle therapy that can help to keep your facial muscles tight and skin supple. This can prevent the early emergence of facial wrinkles. However, this is a domain that requires more investigation so that the actual advantages can be discerned in a more determined manner. However, to get the best results it is advisable that you hire a professional who can guide you in these facial exercises. This is how the right set of exercises can be selected for your face, can be repeated till the time they will be the most beneficial and follow the best facial workout regime to attain the desired results.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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