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Do Makeup Products Expire & How Do They Affect You?

Do Makeup Products Expire?

Have you ever wondered the makeup products you buy after spending a huge amount actually expire after a few years?

Using these expired products can be harmful to the skin and also can prove to be less effective for whatever purpose they are being used for.

Every makeup product has an expiry date and that is mentioned in their packaging. Sometimes the product does not go bad but can be less efficient and less useful for the skin’s need.

The exact time in which a product expires depends on the ingredients used or whether it’s sealed or opened. Eye makeup generally expires within 3 months(1). Also, if preservative is used in the product, it can go bad as the preservatives do break down over time. Such a product should also not be kept for more than 3 years.(2)

The products that are all-natural have a shorter shelf life, as these products are sensitive to temperatures.

Creamier products that contain oil or butter can turn bad faster as the oil can go rancid.

Products containing vitamin C lose their efficacy very fast and should be stored in a cool dark place. Also, any eye products or liquid formula tend to go bad faster and should be used carefully. Expired eye products can lead to eye infections and the liquid products tend to cross-contaminate and breed bacteria.

How To Know If Your MakeUp Product Has Expired Or Not?

It is mostly mentioned in the packaging of the products for how many months, it would last. It can be 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months.

If the product starts smelling bad or changes color even if it has not passed the expiry date, you should discontinue using it. Sometimes temperature, humidity, and light can also spoil the product and make it age faster.

How Does An Expired Makeup Product Affect You?

Using expired makeup products can be really dangerous. The molecules present in it can breakdown, which can cause a reaction when used on the skin. It can cause irritation on the skin leading to inflammation. It can further cause redness, bumps, and a rash, blister, or swelling on the skin.

The expired makeup product can harbor bacteria, which when comes in contact with skin can cause irritation and acne-like bumps.(3)

The expired eye makeup can cause irritation and a pink eye. It should be changed every 3 months.

Lipsticks if expire can cause swelling of the lips and should be discarded every one and a half years.

The facial powders, foundations, and other facial makeup need to be replaced after 12 months.

The active ingredients become inactive on passing the expiry date. Products such as SPF and sunscreen should be carefully used.

Sometimes you lose the original package of the product and miss on the expiry date. In such a case, if you think the product might have expired, discard it in the following conditions

  • The product is smelling bad
  • It has changed color
  • The texture of the product has changed
  • If you find the product feeling different on the skin, discontinue using it, as it might have expired.

Is It Possible To Increase The Shelf Life Of Makeup Products?

Keeping the products in a cool dry place or in the fridge can allow the ingredients to stay stable. This can prevent them from ruining before the expiry date.

Do not keep them in the washroom that being high on moisture content can make the products more likely to breed bacteria. This can cause them to get spoiled faster.

Keeping them in airtight containers or dry environment can help the products to last longer.

Some makeup can be used for years especially those that are used only a tiny bit every time. But you should stick to the expiration date to avoid any infection or skin irritation.

Also, expired products do not perform optimally. Therefore, it is better to discontinue using them as the expiry date of the product has crossed and they could be harmful to use.

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