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How Can I Make My Feet Smoother?

Feet can become dry and cracked when they are not properly cleaned or cared for. Certain medical conditions can also lead to thick, discolored and cracked feet. It is important to get rid of natural dead skin that is formed on the feet by exfoliating and scrubbing off the dead skin cells. When there is a lack of moisture in the feet it can lead to building up of the dead skin cells. It mostly occurs when the feet constantly remain inside of shoes and socks and they don’t get enough air to breathe. It can also occur when the dead skin is not removed from time to time and it appears as dry, cracked and hanging loose skin.

In some cases when the skin of feet is infected by the fungus, it can lead to athlete’s foot or eczema that results in dry cracked up the skin. It is important to identify the condition on time and consult a doctor as soon as possible to curb the infection on time. Some people who have diabetes mellitus, heart and kidney conditions are more prone to fungal infections of the feet. People who have suppressed immunity also suffer from frequent skin and nail infections.(1)

How Can I Make My Feet Smoother?

How Can I Make My Feet Smoother?

It is important to take care of your feet because certain conditions can lead to disabling symptoms such as pain and infection. Proper care of feet to remove dead skin and calluses using a pumice stone is helpful in clearing the superficial dead layer of skin. It is also important to moisturize the skin after removing the dead skin in order to promote a healthy turnover of cells. Paraffin wax bath is also helpful in getting rid of dead skin on the feet. Use 0f foot scrubs, oatmeal scrubs with rose water and milk, Epsom salt soak and scrub are all effective home remedies to get smoother feet.(1)

Some people also get baby foot peel to remove the dead layer of the skin from feet. In this plastic booties are applied to the feet for one hour. It contains a gel solution of acid fruit and moisturizers that help in getting rid of the dead skin from feet. Soaking feet in baking soda for 10-20 minutes also removes dead skin from the feet.

If you suspect any infection or pathology of the foot it is important to visit a podiatrist who can examine carefully and rule out any disease. They might also prescribe therapeutic oils or creams that will help in preventing drying of the skin. If you are prone to dry feet it is advised to avoid using products that contain alcohol as they may lead to drying of the skin even more. They should also avoid taking hot showers and bath to prevent the skin from drying up. The use of good moisturizers is necessary to keep the skin soft and supple. Avoid using too much of scrubs and stones to remove the dead layer of skin as they might lead to rashes and cuts on the skin that will cause further infection on the feet.(1)

Dead skin is usually not a condition to worry about and can be dealt with at home easily. It is only when an infection takes place; there is a need for medical intervention. Use of petroleum jellies and baby oil on foot is also healthy that makes the skin smooth and soft. Avoid wearing tight or ill-fitted shoes that might prevent the foot from breathing and lead to fungal infections. Sportsmen and adults who play a lot of sports should also give the feet proper rest as continuous stubbing of the feet can lead to ingrown toenails and infection in the surrounding skin areas. Proper foot hygiene is the key to getting smooth and softer feet along with the use of good moisturizers and time to time exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from feet.


Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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Last Modified On:July 1, 2019

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