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What is Nefertiti Lift & Is It Effective? | Side Effects and Precautions of Nefertiti Lift

Nefertiti lift is a procedure to reverse aging along the lower face, jaw, and neck. It involves several injections on the area to be treated. The results of Nefertiti lift procedure last for several days and can help delay or skip other invasive cosmetic surgery such as a facelift.

What is Nefertiti Lift?

In Nefertiti lift, botulinum toxin injections are given in the parts of the face, jaw and neck. Botulinum toxin is a substance made from bacteria and is injected temporarily to block the nerves in the muscles to prevent contractions that lead to aging and wrinkling. It targets the platysma band of muscles that run from the bottom of the face to the collarbone.

The botulinum injection is given in the specific parts of the muscles. This helps:

  • Smoothen the dimpled skin on the chin
  • Lessen lines on the bottom part of the face
  • Remove lines on the neck
  • Reduces sags and folds on the lower part of the face
  • Gives a more defined jawline
  • Evens out the lower face, jaw, and neck
  • It is a temporary way to restore a youthful look.

Is Nefertiti Lift Effective?

There are studies that suggest that Nefertiti lift is an effective treatment. It showed that there was an improvement in the appearance of the neck after a procedure.(1) Nefertiti lift can be a minimally invasive alternative for those not wanting to go ahead with the invasive cosmetic procedure.(2)

Who Can Go Ahead With The Nefertiti Lift Procedure?

Being a minimally invasive procedure anyone can go ahead with it, except for:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding females
  • Those with an infection
  • Those suffering from psychological conditions
  • People on medications or drugs not compatible with botulinum toxin
  • Individuals with a family history of a certain health condition such as myasthenia gravis or Eaton-Lambert syndrome

Nefertiti Lift Procedure

The patient wanting to go ahead with the procedure discusses the treatment goals with the doctor. Patient is examined to evaluate the physical signs and the family history is taken. Nefertiti lift is an outpatient procedure. It takes 15 minutes to inject botulinum toxin into the muscle along the lower face, neck, and jaw. The recovery time Nefertiti lift procedure is very little. A person can go back to normal activities in no time.

Side Effects and Precautions of Nefertiti Lift Procedure

The side effects of the Nefertiti lift procedure are similar to those of other cosmetic procedures that involve botulinum toxin. These include:

  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Headache
  • Bruising and redness at the site of injection
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Weakness in the neck

Putting too much in the wrong area can lead to difficulty in chewing, swallowing. The doctors can advise on how to prepare and recover from the side effects. Nefertiti lift procedure can reverse the signs of aging by smoothening and defining lower face, jaw, neck. It should be performed by a doctor who has knowledge of complex muscle band that runs along the lower face to the collarbone.

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