Causes of Large Breasts in Females & Ways to Make them Smaller

Several traits make a woman more appealing and attractive and one of them is a woman’s breasts, also considered as a sign of her sexuality. Some women have larger breasts while others have smaller ones. Knowing what the causes of large breasts in females are and how to make them smaller can help.

Breasts are mammary glands mainly made up of glandular and adipose tissues. It is during puberty that it begins to enlarge with the hormone estrogen playing a vital role in its increase. However, it is a myth that larger the breasts, more the milk secretion as the latter has simply no relation to the size of the woman’s breasts.

Some studies reveal that women who have larger breasts often experience psychological as well as physical problems and also feel embarrassed in society. Moreover, the large breasts can cause issues such as improper posture, back pain and also skin rashes under the breast area. It is commonly seen that the most women who have large breasts wish for smaller ones instead.

Causes of Large Breasts in Females & Ways to Make them Smaller

Here are the causes of large breasts in females along with natural tips to make them smaller in size.

Causes of Large Breasts in Females

There are several factors which can contribute to large breasts in females. Here are some of the top causes of large breasts in females.

  • Being Obese – Being overweight is one of the commonest causes of large breasts in females. When a woman is overweight or obese, fat begins to deposit in all parts of the body. As it is with all other body parts, fatty layers also start surrounding the tissues of the breasts thereby enlarging it and making it bigger in size.
  • Hereditary – One of the major causes of large breasts in females is heredity. If your mother has breasts which are large in size, there are more than 70 percent chances that you too will have large breasts as you grow up.
  • Hormones – Hormones, especially estrogen hormones are on the rise when a girl undergoes puberty and this too can be a cause of large breast in females. Many women experience hormonal imbalance, which is mainly caused due to wrong eating habits and reduced or no physical activity and this can result in enlarged breasts.
  • Drugs – Certain drugs such as anti-psychotic drugs, which are prescribed for other diseases can cause enlargement of breasts as a side effect.
  • Pregnancy – Even when a woman is pregnant or lactates, she may notice that her breasts have become larger in size mainly due to the secretion of milk in them.

Ways to Make Large Breasts Smaller?

If you are a female who is not comfortable with large breasts, then there are several ways in which they can be made smaller in size.

Surgical Method to Make Breast Size Smaller

Undergoing a breast reduction surgery is one of the most common ways to make large breasts smaller in size, though it can have some side effects like pain and permanent scaring. It is necessary to take medical opinion regarding the surgical procedure and risks associated with it.

Natural Ways to Make Breasts Smaller

If you are not too keen on undergoing surgery to reduce the size of your breasts and make it smaller you can use these natural ways to make large breasts smaller in size.

  • Cardiovascular Exercises – Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, jogging and cycling are helpful in reducing body fat. Aerobic exercises are quite effective in reducing fat tissues around the breasts and can help to make them smaller. Moreover, certain strength training exercises are specially designed to reduce fat from the chest region. These exercises include bench press, push-ups, pectoral fly (pec fly), and chest press. The pectoral muscles of the chest tighten up and strengthen with these exercises thereby reducing the size of the breasts. A woman must remember to wear a sports bra during exercise or the breasts might start to sag gradually.
  • Ginger Tea – Ginger tea is quite helpful in making breasts smaller in size as it targets those fatty tissues around the stomach, thighs, breasts and hips. It helps burn calories quite fast. You can add some honey to your ginger tea for added flavor. Another great way is to add ginger to your cup of green tea.
  • Massage – Massaging the breasts properly with coconut oil offer positive results to make them smaller. Gently massage the breasts twice every day with this oil with the help of 2 fingers only. Follow a circular upward motion and continue massaging for 10 minutes in every session.
  • White of an Egg – Egg whites have been proven to make the breasts of a woman tight and firm and also reduce it in size. Take the white of 2 eggs and apply on the breasts once every day. Now mix some onion juice in water and wash off the breasts with this water for added benefits. Adding egg white to your diet can also help to tone up your muscles and gradually reduce breast size.
  • Flaxseeds – Consume flaxseeds in good quantities on a regular basis to make your breasts smaller in size. Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce estrogen levels in the body thereby also having a negative effect on breasts making them smaller in size. Alternately, you can also consume fish in your meals which has a similar effect on the body.
  • Fenugreek – Fenugreek has been proven to tone up the tissues of the breast, make it firm and also smaller in size. Take some fenugreek seeds and soak them in water overnight. Grind to a smooth paste the next morning and apply on breasts. Let it rest for 10 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat twice weekly.
  • Use Minimizers – Minimizers are a special type of bra, which do not make your breasts smaller in size but give it a smaller appearance allowing you to look your very best. It gives a very good shape to your breasts.

These are some home remedies and natural ways to make breasts smaller. However, if large breasts are experienced with any other medical problem, undesirable symptoms, or if you note sudden enlargement of breasts, it is important to seek medical opinion.

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