Can HCM Skip a Generation?

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is one of the most common heart problems, caused by mutation of any of the genes known as encode different components of the sarcomere. It is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. Based on this fact, we can say that each child of a parent, suffering from HCM has about 50% chances to inherit the genetic mutation associated with the condition. Another significant fact is that genetic mutation in this case does not skip generations.

Causes of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

HCM is caused by mutation in genes that usually builds up the structural protein, which is a part of heart muscle. In some of the cases, a person is likely to develop the condition when person’s first-degree relative, such as any parent or sibling suffering/suffered from HCM.

Symptoms/Complications of the Problem

People suffering from HCM tend to have chest pain, palpitations, breathing difficulty or syncopal spells. These people also have a very higher risk of having a stroke or even sudden death. Many of times, HCM is one of the major or the biggest cause for those who suddenly die at a young age athletes. The very first symptoms of HCM is when you find any type of complication that leads to sudden blockage in the blood flow out of the heart, as HCM leads to thickening of heart muscle.

Furthermore, it disturbs the normal functions of heart muscle cells. All these problems and loss of normal organization of heart creates a huge risk for those who are having HCM of unstable of heart rhythms including atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. Those who underwent diagnose with HCM remain at a huge risk. To know about your condition within time, you need to consult HCM experts, as it is very important to predict the risk as early as possible.

Can HCM Skip a Generation?

Can HCM Skip a Generation?

Genetics and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Key Aspects

  • Almost about 10 different genes are known to be linked to development of HCM. Mutations in these genes are believed to be completely responsible for 50-75% of family members having HCM.
  • There are special experts, who are expected to identify about more genes, which are responsible for HCM as according to studies genetic can also be improve over time in cardiac.
  • The genetic mutation does not skip generation. However, in special cases, there is a chance to skip one generation because some people although carry the genetic mutation for HCM, they have a normal EKG and no symptoms.
  • Even there are some possibilities that if a person with a genetic mutation of HCM, but does not have any single symptom of HCM and possesses normal EKG, one can still pass the genetic mutation to other generations.
  • Chances of inheriting the genetic mutation are same in both the cases of men and women.
  • There is also a possibility for many people with inherited genetic mutation of HCM will never have any kind of health problems related to HCM syndrome.

Scheduling Appointment with Cardiologist

If a person experiences genetic mutation associated with HCM, person should immediately schedule an appointment with an experienced cardiologist. Cardiologists help patients to identify at what percent the heart is having the blockage of blood flow and according to other several complication and symptoms of HCM.


There are certain things, for which HCM patient has to be very aware, such as they should always stay hydrated, take the necessary medications to control the blood pressure. Other than this, HCM patients should avoid involving in vigorous exercises, as it leads to fatigue, faint or even sudden death. Lastly, people HCM must have proper guidance about all the activities which are safe and which are not safe for their health.

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