Can Cardiomyopathy Be Reversed?

There are many factors, which are included in etiological of cardiomyopathies resulting in structural and functional dysfunction. Fortunately, there is a possibility of reversible cardiomyopathy are known to improve at that point of time when root etiological factors are addressed. There are many more reversible cardiomyopathy including tachycardia – included, peripartum, inflammatory, hyperthyroidism, takotsubo, and chronic illness –included cardiomyopathies.

Overview on Cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy is a disease, which firstly affects the heart muscle. However, as it progresses further, it becomes worse and ultimately, it leads to chronic congestive heart failure (CHF). There are about more than 800,000 new cases of CHF per year in United States and there is also attributed of chronic illness who die as from 1 out of 9 .

Primary and Secondary Cardiomyopathy Problems

Cardiomyopathy problem comes in two categories. The first category is of primary cardiomyopathy, which is completely confined to the heart. Other one is secondary cardiomyopathy, which is systematic in nature and it completely affects the myocardium in a multi-organ approach. Both categories of cardiomyopathy exist in many etiological factors, as they can also completely affect the physiological function of the myocardium leading to structural changes, leading to CHF and/or arrhythmias.

Many times, cardiomyopathies are typically treated through the standard CHF pharmacological regimen in addition to mechanical circulatory system. Here, the mechanical circulatory system is a supportable device or orthotropic heart transplantation that helps in reversing the condition in refractory cases.

Can Cardiomyopathy Be Reversed?

Can Cardiomyopathy Be Reversed?

Reversing this heart disease is possible. Yes, it is completely possible to reverse the heart disease that is known as cardiomyopathy by making some major changes in your daily lifestyle.

Daily Activities to Change at a Glance

Thus, to recover all the damages of your cardiac health, you need to follow these certain activities.

Food and Diet Plan: The very first thing that has to be changed is the food that you eat and it’s routine. For this, you have to consult with a good nutritionist and get a complete diet plan.

Physical Exercise: You also need to add more exercises in your schedule, like including walking at least for more than half an hour a day or just for an hour three times in week.

Yoga and/or Meditation: The very best way to keep own self-fit and healthy is to do yoga or meditation at early morning, as it helps you to reduce the mental stress and makes you physically strong.

Monitoring Body Weight: Continuous observing the changes in your body weight, accordingly, you need to make the changes in your diet plan to get appropriate food instruction.

Regular Heart Checkup and Medications: Having regular heart checkup in every six months and taking proper medicine at right time, while schedule appointment with your doctor when you find any change in your health.

Avoiding Added, Artificial Sugary Foods: To improve your heart functions faster, you all need to avoid refined, artificial and added sugar. This step is particularly important for all patients diagnosed with diabetes problem.

Avoid Fatty Foods: Next, you should avoid fats as it increase cholesterol level, which triggers a large number of cardiac problems.

Relax Your Mind from Mental Stress: Not too much of tension or any kind of mental stress as it sometimes lead to heart attack of major damage in a heart.

Say No to Smoking: Lastly, you should say no to smoking i.e. strictly avoid indulging yourself in tobacco or cigarette smoking activities.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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