Can Yoga Help Endocarditis?

Endocarditis is the inflammation of the inner lining of the heart valves and heart chambers. Infection by bacteria, virus and fungi, congenital heart diseases, prior heart surgeries and others can trigger endocarditis. Persons who have a weak immune system or implanted medical devices for heart diseases, or undergone intravenous drug abuse or who have abnormal heart are at highest risk of endocarditis. The patient of endocarditis shows symptoms similar to flu, breathing difficulty, constant cough, and other skin changes. In this article, you will know how yoga is helpful to tackle the patients who are at risk or who have caught endocarditis.

Who Are At Risk Of Endocarditis?

Persons who are at highest risk of endocarditis are-

  • Persons who have defects in the heart from birth, in other words, who have abnormal heart
  • Persons who have bad oral hygiene or dental infections
  • Persons who have artificial heart valves, a medical device implanted in the heart to correct heart disease for a long time
  • Persons who have damaged heart valves due to rheumatic fever, other infection of heart or age-related calcium deposits in the heart
  • Persons who have undergone drug abuse through veins by infected needles
  • Persons who have enlarged heart where walls of the heart have got thickened and muscle fibers have gone elongated in course of time

Can Yoga Help Endocarditis?

Can Yoga Help Endocarditis?

Yoga is an excellent way to relax body, and mind by practicing it regularly in different postures. Yoga focuses on breathing by repairing respiratory system along with the heart.

Yoga not only heals the body, but also bridges mind to body in a positive way. Yoga is well known for tackling stress and other pessimist thoughts. It refreshes the mind and kills your negative thoughts by illuminating positive ray of attitude in you. Someone who has survived heart attacks, heart diseases or heart surgery, naturally develop stress, anxiety and depression. They are easy prey to endocarditis.

Those who have the risk of endocarditis should perform yoga as they already have stress and anxiety regarding heart diseases. Yoga only can lighten hope and heal them in both planes, physical and mental.

Patients with endocarditis should perform yoga in the less vigorous manner as endocarditis demand for limited physical activity for the patient to feel good. Yoga has been considered safe for them as they are included in the less oxygen depletion activity and does not implement extra load on heart or lungs.

Yoga starts with simple postures and gradually they become slight demanding and will need more strength and stamina. You will feel calm and relaxed as you proceed to final posture. Yoga postures that can be helpful in endocarditis are-

This set of yoga postures are designed to stimulate heart and lungs, controlling unusual heart rate, improving blood flow to chest region and relaxing the load off the heart. They will release your stress and anxiety and calm down your mind with many health benefits.


Endocarditis patients should also practice Yoga in a customized manner along with the medicines under the supervision of their physician and trained yoga teacher to fetch health benefits. Yoga practice improves the condition of mind and body.

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