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What Is The Prognosis For Myocarditis & How Can I Recover Fast?

What Is The Prognosis For Myocarditis?

Prognosis for myocarditis is usually positive most of the times. Most people who suffer from this condition are cured completely and usually do not show any long-term bad effects of the condition on their heart. According to researches and studies, myocarditis is not inherited. There are no genes that are associated with myocarditis.

Acute viral myocarditis has a good rate of full recovery usually. However, in some cases acute viral myocarditis may get converted into chronic myocarditis. After a successful completion of treatment, most patients can live a normal life and lifespan. In rare cases however, continued heart medications and monitoring may be required. Some may even need a heart transplant.

What Is The Prognosis For Myocarditis?

How Can I Recover Fast?

Certain healthy lifestyle changes can help in a better recovery from myocarditis and can improve the prognosis of the condition. These may include-

Eating A Nutrient-Rich Diet-

  • Strengthening your immune system by eating a nutrient-rich diet can help in fighting off the viral infection responsible for myocarditis
  • Including a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and pulses etc. in the diet can help in reducing inflammation(1)

Limiting The Salt Intake-

  • Reducing the salt intake can help in myocarditis
  • This is because excessive and unnecessary salt can increase fluid retention in body thereby putting pressure on heart
  • To avoid excessive intake of salt, go easy on packaged, processed and canned foods, fast foods, junk foods, processed meats and cheeses, pre-made foods etc.
  • Avoid foods with additives and preservatives
  • Choose whole grain foods over refined foods(2)


  • Keep a check on potassium intake and levels
  • Depending upon your heart condition and medications that you are taking to treat your condition, you may need less or more of potassium
  • Talking with your doctor is the best way to be sure of this

Alcohol Consumption-

  • Go easy on alcohol and caffeine consumption. Or better still, completely stop its consumption
  • Alcohol and caffeine can cause your heart to beat faster
  • This can cause dangerous arrythmias, which can be hazardous in myocarditis
  • Additionally, alcohol and caffeine may interfere with the medications that you are taking to treat your condition
  • Alcohol and caffeine both can lead to a weakened heart muscle, which is definitely not welcome in myocarditis
  • Avoid using nicotine and tobacco products, as these may also lead to inflammation and damaged arteries(1)

Protection From Infections-

  • It is best to arrest bacterial infections in their initial stages. This can avoid any complications
  • It is also advisable to avoid any contact with those who are suffering from any infections. For example, flu.
  • It is recommended to practice safe sex and avoid multiple partners
  • Inculcating good hygiene habits like washing hands often, keeping a clean home, showering daily can help in keeping infections at bay
  • Avoid sharing of needles in case of procedures like tattooing, piercing etc.
  • Avoid use of illegal drugs
  • Cover your body while exposed to any high-risk areas for ticks or other such infectious insects

Stress Management-

  • Try to control your stress, anxiety and depression by following a good sleep routine and using other techniques like yoga, meditation, light exercise etc.
  • High stress can result in many hazardous conditions like compromising your immune system and aggravating cardiovascular symptoms(1)

Avoid Random Medicine Use-

  • Be careful while using any new supplements or medicines as these can put an unnecessary pressure on your already weak heart
  • Always consult your doctor first before starting on a new medicine or changing a dose(1)

Managing Fluid Retention-

  • Taking medicines as advised by the doctor for fluid retention is a must
  • Excess fluid can increase the pressure on heart significantly

Exercise Lightly-

  • While exercise is a must for maintaining a healthy life, it is best to exercise with caution in myocarditis and always with your doctor’s guidance.(2)
  • The outlook or prognosis with myocarditis is generally positive in most cases. Most mild cases recover fully with little to no medication and rest.


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